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Useful Tips – January 1st, 2006

Mrs. Jeya Mani Raja

1. While making spinach fry,add the karivadakams (storage item made of onions and urdhal) while seasoning mustard and urdhal. Karivadakam will absorb the water that the spinach extracts.

2. Boil the yam in the rice soaked water and then cook. It will help to reduce the itchy feeling.

3. Add few pieces of  Tofu  while grinding the idly and dosai flour. It helps to make the idly and dosai soft.

4. While making vada out of Bengal grams add some channa dhal and grind together. It helps sustain vada’s crispiness for a longer time.

5. Cut both the edges of the cucumber and apply salt over the cucumber. Now rub the cucumber with the cut edges, that would extract some sticky substance. Now wash and remove the cucumber skin. It will help reduce the bitterness.

6. Put the cut apple pieces into salt water. The pieces will remain in its original color.

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