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Mr H.P.Singh lights the lamp during the inaugural function of the conference in Singapore on the 25th and 26th January 2016.

Tomorrow’s India is a global initiative that showcases India’s entrepreneurial strength and academic excellence within a cultural framework. Established in 2015, it is organised by Global Social India Foundation (GSIF) – A not for profit initiative, that aims at promoting Indian culture, education and business diplomacy. Through art and cultural exchange, it fosters new relationships that help businesses reach a global market.

Tomorrow’s India will open up opportunities for collaboration and interaction with top fund managers and investors.

It is an exceptional platform that displays the might of India and collaborates with countries around the world with an aim of creating new opportunities to build a sustainable future for India and her partners. Tomorrow’s India travels to a new country every 6 months and holds a similar program with business icons, corporate gurus & honchos, investors, policy makers, thinkers, founders & promoters, creators, innovators, knowledge seekers & givers and cultural ambassadors.

Singapore was chosen for TI’s Inaugural destination for the following considerations

1. SG50 Celebrations and Singapore and India’s Strong relation in all these years.

2.  As it is a developed country , the access was easy and friendly

3. Singapore has world class infrastructure for globalization of the businesses

4. proximity to India

5. Singapore has good brand equity for businesses to globalize .

The launch of Tomorrow’s India in Singapore was truly successful as it was attended by more than 350 delegates . The cultural show “Oorja” conducted as a part of the conference attracted 500 people.

Some of the details of the deals happened in Singapore 

  1. Arkhe Co Ltd – A Japanese Company which is involved in manufacturing of parts for spectacles and watches, has signed a memorandum of understanding for Manufacturing their production in India . In the MOU,  it has mentioned that the manufacturing will be done in India and and Arkhe Co Ltd will buy the production via a marketing company from Singapore.
  2. LDR Pte Ltd – LDR pte Ltd is a mobile platform company from Singapore. LDR Pte Ltd is in the process of collaboration with Mr Vikas Tomar for CH-14 Program.  CH-14 Program will be sending students for training to Singapore. Also LDR technology platform will be launched in India through CH –14
  3. Full Mark Pte Ltd –  Fullmark is into the Information Technology industry and is one of the leading manufacturers in printer and typewriter ribbons. They are in Talks with Singh Corporation for launching their products and services in Indian market.
  4. Mind Champs Pte Ltd – Mind Champ is an education company  and they specialise in Pre School Education. Mind Champ is in talks with Souvenir Publishers Pte Ltd for launching their franchise operations in India.
  5. B& G Lifecasting –  B&G ‘s true 3D Lifecasting is an art form that captures the minute details of hands and feet. B& G is talks with with few interested parties from India for launching their product and services in India

Future Plans

Tomorrow’s India travels to a new country every 6 months and holds a similar program.  It is visiting Seoul , Korea by the last week of August. It will also establish a concierge in every country it visits . It has just established a concierge in Singapore and that will provide continuous support for Business , culture and knowledge exchange.







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