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Some facial beauty tips – July 1st, 2003

1. Mix one spoon gram flour, curd, cucumber juice together in little water and apply gently over your face. After half an hour wash your face with pure water. Sure! face will shine.

2. Take one spoon coconut oil, olive oil and milk in an equal ratio, mix well and apply over your face. Wash after half an hour. You will feel fresh.

3. Apply Vaseline on your lip to avoid lip crack.

4. Drink carrot juice once a week to get rid of the dark circles around your eyes.

5. To get rid of the pimples, apply grounded mint paste over your face and wash after half an hour.

6. To look fresh mix barley with lime drops and milk together and apply over your face. Wash after half an hour. It makes the face glow and helps regularize blood flow.

7. Place either the cut potatoes or cucumber pieces above your eyes during the night time, for half an hour. The dark circles around your eyes, will gradually disappear.

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