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Here are the details from STYC on their forthcoming virtual Seminar conference

Singapore Tamil Youths in the 2020s: Challenges, Opportunities, Strategies

Questions & Guidelines for Writers & Speakers
Answer/ Guidelines

Q1. I want to write a paper but unable to decide on the exact wording of the title of the presentation. What can I do?

A1. Please look at the list of areas suggested in the Conference Registration Form. Choose and write down an area that interests you. Submit the Registration Form. Professor A. Veeramani, Advisor to the Conference, will contact you and advise you about the title of your paper.

Registration Form

Q2. I do not speak Tamil fluently. However, I am interested in taking part by presenting a paper. Can I do it in English?

A2. This Seminar Conference is an event of the Tamil Language Month 2021. We welcome all who ‘Love Tamil’ but do not ‘Speak Tamil’ well. You can mention the key statements in Tamil and use English where you cannot express yourself well in Tamil. You are very important to our goal of encouraging more people to ‘Love Tamil’. Please join us. The Conference Advisor will guide you.

Q3. Can I team with another person (friend, father, mother, sister or brother) and present a joint paper?

A3. Definitely. You can team with another person and present a joint paper. We welcome that.

Q.4 What happens after I am accepted as a presenter for the Seminar Conference?

A4. You will be assigned to a panel with three other speakers and a Chairperson.

Q5. What is meant by a Seminar Panel?

A5. A Seminar Panel will consist of four speakers and a Chairperson.

Q6. A Seminar Panel will consist of four speakers and a Chairperson.

A6. Each Seminar Panel will be 90 minutes in duration. Each speaker will be given 10 minutes to speak. The remaining time will be used in answering questions from listeners.

Q7. Who will be the delegates/listeners at the Conference Seminar? Can each speaker invite their friends, family members to be part of the audience?

A7. Each speaker shall bring four to five supporters as delegates to the Panel. They can be their friends, classmates, parents and siblings.

Q8. Is there registration for all those who will attend as audience and listeners at the Panels?

A8. YES. A separation delegates registration form will be used to register all the listeners at the Panels?

Q9. Can we form a Panel of four speakers and present on a topic? Can we have the full 90 minutes for our panel?

A9. We welcome the formation of panels by groups of four speakers. The panel members can speak on different topics or on topics related to one area. We will guide your panel once you submit your interest in forming a panel of speakers.

Q10. By what date I / We must register for participating in the Conference-Seminar?

A10. 15 March 2021 – submission of Conference Registration Form by speakers.

Q11. By what date I / We must submit our completed paper(s)?

A11. 2 April 2021 – submission of written papers 800 to 1,800 words. Files to be in Google Doc format.

Q12. What if I submit the paper but cannot participate in the Conference?

A12. All writers must participate in the oral presentation at the Seminars. Failure to participate will disqualify them from receiving the prizes.

Q13. When would we know the results of the essay competition?

A13. All winners of the top 20 papers will be announced at the Closing Ceremony of the Conference on Sunday 18 April 2021. All other presenters will also be awarded appreciation awards.

Q14. When will I get my prize for participating in the Conference-Seminar?

A14. All cash awards will be electronically transferred to speakers’ bank accounts on 2 May 2021.

Q15. How will my paper be judged?

A15. All papers will be sent to a panel of readers with the details of writers removed. The panel of five judges, chaired by Professor A. Veeramani, will be given the PDF versions of papers and the criteria of point allocation for selection of the top 20 well-written papers. Each judge’s points will be summed together to decide the top essayists.

Q16. What happens to all the papers of the Seminar Conference?

A16. All papers will be edited and published as the Proceedings of the Seminar Conference in December 2021. Singapore Tamil Youths’ Club will publish the volume.

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​Photo and Information:  STYC

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