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Singapore – October 1st, 2009

Singapore has been recognized as one of the safest. One can go around any time with out any fear as it is one of the top rated crime free countries. Everyone is given an Identity Card with an IC number based on their immigration status. That IC number, when keyed in can reveal one’s thorough bio-data.

Various measures are taken by the Government to ensure safety in the country. People are constantly alerted in the SMRT stations through voice messages, to inform the police if they come across any suspicious person or object.

For any kind of such miss- happenings, police get into swift action with due punishment then after. If the case is further taken to court, there too, justice is ensured, as it is widely accepted that the Singapore courts do function efficiently.

Singapore is receptive to all people, all over the world. Singapore is potent to deliver jobs to all- low, middle and highly qualified. Low qualified come here to do domestic work (women) and to work at the construction sites (men).

Multi National Companies, banks and other institutions tap highly and reasonably qualified.

Public transportation in Singapore is very convenient connecting from one end of Singapore to another. SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System) is fastest, safest and clean.

Similar are the buses and taxis here. Even during midnight, people can travel in Singapore safely. Taxi drivers are very friendly, genuine and non-greedy. A balance even be a ten cent, they return it to the customer.

There are no conductors to issue tickets in public transports. One can either use shillings to purchase a ticket or should have an E-Z-link card (pre-paid card). When the E-Z-link card is tapped in the machine installed in the buses and in the SMRT Stations, it automatically detects the due travel fare.

One has to keep topping up the card and it has multi purpose. It can be used in the National Library to borrow books; it can be used in certain food outlets to eat and also to purchase some products in certain stores.

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