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SINDA Launches New Pre-school Tamil Enrichment Programme

SINDA has launched a new Pre-school Tamil Enrichment Programme to help pre-schoolers learn and cultivate an interest in Tamil and subsequently grow to be confident speakers of the language. This programme underscores the importance of children’s early exposure to their respective Mother Tongue Language, in developing healthy long-term cognitive and emotional skills.

 250 children have been registered for this 20-week programme conducted at 11 community locations islandwide. While some of these children will attend this enrichment programme to complement existing Tamil lessons at their school, a majority of participants have enrolled for the programme due to an unavailability of Tamil classes in their day-schools.

. “Through this programme, children’s foundation in the Tamil language will improve as the programme focuses on using engaging methods to teach them on speaking in Tamil with
confidence. This emphasis on proper spoken Tamil will help our children feel comfortable and confident when they start formal education in Primary One,” said CEO of SINDA, Mr Anbarasu Rajendran.

 Conducted yearly, this Preschool Tamil Enrichment Programme is open to all children, aged 5 to 6. Families with a Per Capita Income (PCI) of $1,000 and below enjoy a full fee waiver for the programme, while families with a PCI of above $1,000 pay a nominal fee of $10.

Graduation ceremony for SINDA tutors and staffs

 In the graduation ceremony held at the Singapore Polytechnic on Monday, 29th July, 34 SINDA tutors and staff  received their Certificate in Performance for Coaching (Maths).  SINDA Life Trustee, Dr N Varaprasad,  graced the ceremony together with Mr Anbarasu Rajendran, CEO, SINDA. Other invited guests included Ms Lim Lee Yee, Director for School of Communication and Life Skills, course lecturers, trainers and supervisors.

As part of SINDA’s commitment to provide an all-rounded academic journey for students,
these tutors, who are all non-NIE trained, enrolled themselves in this certificate programme.
The programme enabled participants to upskill and equip themselves with techniques to
provide the best possible learning experience to their students.

The programme introduced new strategies and skills to help tutors raise their competency in better supporting tuition students in closing their learning gaps. Through a mix of theory and practical trainings, this programme equipped tutors with the following:

 Applying strategies to manage and engage a variety of learning and behaviour

 Developing and applying effective interpersonal skills to establish rapport with students

 Adopting a reflective practice approach in planning lessons, managing behaviour and giving feedback to learners

4. Through collaboration between SINDA and Singapore Polytechnic, this programme was
designed and specially curated to provide tutors with the relevant skill sets. As a way of
supporting them in their journey of continued learning and to ensure affordability of this
programme, SINDA co-funded it for all tutors. This certification will be made available to all
non-NIE trained tutors in future.

Source: SINDA

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