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SICCI’s EOGM was held on the 27th of August at 3.00 p.m. with 52 members in attendance. During the meeting, the general body adopted the results of its vote on proposed amendments to the SICCI constitution. Nearly 40 per cent of the Ordinary Corporate and Individual members voted on the 134 articles that were new or proposed for amendment. Dr T. Channdroo, SICCI Chairman, noted that much of the SICCI constitution was borrowed from that of the older Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) instituted in 1837.

The members of the scrutinizing committee were Mr Lawrence Pek of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Mr Subra M. Suppiah of Subra TT Law LLC, and Mr Thanendran Davendran of Republic Polytechnic. On the previous day, the scrutinizing committee diligently verified the integrity of the vote, that the balloting process was conducted appropriately, and that the results of the ballot were compiled in their presence after thorough verification.

Mr Lawrence then announced the detailed breakdown of the votes. Total eligible voters: 450 Total number voted: 185 Disqualified votes: 1 And the results:

Voting option 1 (approve all changes): 138 votes, 75% of the total votes cast Voting option 2 (Disapprove of all changes): 5 votes, 2.72% of total votes cast Voting option 3 (Approve with reservations): 41 votes, 22.28% of total votes Voters who voted for Option 1 and those who did not specify any reservation for article 24(3) totalled 144, they were given 3 alternatives and the results:

Resolution A (Chairman & Vice-Chairmen to be Singapore citizens, Treasurer can be Singapore citizen or PR): 5 votes, 3.47% of votes cast Resolution B (Chairman to be Singapore Citizen, Vice-Chairmen and Treasurer to be Singapore Citizen or PR): 15 votes, 10.42% of votes cast Resolution C (All office bearers to be Singapore Citizens): 124 votes, 86.11% of votes cast Mr Lawrence stated that the results were final and conclusive of the will of 75% of the 184 voters, and invited the other 2 scrutineers to make any comments it they wished to. Mr Subra confirmed the results of the vote, and Mr Thanendran reassured the membership that the committee had looked through the vote strictly and found no errors.

The Chairman invited 2 members from the floor to propose and second the amendments. Mr. George Abraham proposed, and Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Shahul Hamid seconded the amendments; with that, the amendments were made official.

Source: SICCI

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