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Pros and Cons of a Dream come true – October 1st, 2004

By Anusha Muthiah

Migrating overseas is a dream that comes true for most of the subjects of the third world economy. However, many do not understand the implications of moving to a new country with family. With the fast globalization, the world is becoming a village. Economies are opening doors to eligible foreigners to their countries. Everyone is moving on and it is going to be absurd, if you do not move without an exceptionally good reason. This essay is intending to discuss the pros and cons of working and living abroad.

The reason is obvious. The basic want to move abroad, is for the monitory benefits. You get a good salary and hence there is a bright future ahead of you. Eventually, there are better opprtunities and jobs available.

Pros of migrating to a foreign country is that, one get a better living conditions in almost all foreign countries, that warmly welcome Asians who come over. Everything from transportation to grocery shopping are as convinient as it can be. Take a visa application for instance. Such a simple process may take up to a month or two in your homeland. But in advanced countries, the improved facilities often get the job done on the spot. Living in an advanced country also forces you to be independant, exploring on your own. When you live in Overseas, you meet people who come from various backgrounds with immeasurably different characters. You get a splendid opportunity to understand different cultures and the mosaic of people belonging to various races and live in a multi-racial society.

Of course, there may be minor inconviniences. Like, it may not be easy making lifelong friends, walking through a street where everyone speaks and lives a culture you barely know. Once you come across these obstacles, you would easily get accustomed to that lifestyle.

From this link, we move on to the disadvantages. Moving abroad would mean living away from kith and kin.If you are unable to overcome this, you will miss your family and friends terribly. Worse, you will loose your moral and social support. The social life awaiting you might be totally blocked off by lonliness.

When moving abroad with family, the children are often the most affected by the drastic change in their lifestyle. Handling the teenagers in the highly changing social composition is the biggest challenge to the parents. There is a huge possibility of children being misled by the new social influence. Even if they adapt to the new culture and people they meet, they forget their roots back home. They are likely to loose their family values. Obviously, living with only their parents and siblings, you cannot expect them to go with their grandparent’s flow. The worst possible situation would be the need to go back home and start schooling under any circumstances. There would be a cultural and educational confusion for the children.

Well, working abroad according to me not only lets you get a better job, a better scope in future or get a higher pay. It also matures a person and widens their horizon. Maybe I might not know it all in the 14 years I have seen of life. Hoowever, I am definitely looking forward to grab the next opportunity I get.

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