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Overseas Expedition – April 1st, 2006

Young Indians, who wish to be successful in life, usually try to search their fortune in an overseas country, and eventually anchor themselves in that country after trials and tribulations. Here is a glimpse of their overseas experiences.

This so called Overseas dream starts since their school days. To attain this ultimate goal, he/she starts to work since the age of fifteen. To score the grades that will ensure a seat in the best institution, they will have to start their day by 5-00 O clock in the morning with a couple of tuitions. Their day ends by 10 O clock with yet another tuition.

They spend their week ends revising subjects, burying themselves in books. Now they find no time for social activities barring some occasions.

Like wise, they finish their school with flying colours and enter the University for the Under Grad. Mostly, they are boarded in a hostel and live with modest conditions. As a reward to their tiring efforts, they secure enough marks that will elevate them to an Overseas University to do Masters.

After crossing the visa hurdle and tearful farewell, they fly off to some overseas country, promising themselves and their family, that they will return to India some day – soon!

The family eagerly waits for the phone call and will be constantly looking out as who is going to that respective country to pack their children’s necessary food and favourites. The family excitedly looks at the photo sent to them by the children, proudly showing it to their relatives, neighbours and friends.

As days roll by, they would also finish their post graduate studies and soon will opt for a job in that country. When they first receive their pay check in dollars, they would want to anchor themselves in that company. Hence, there will be no signs of returning to India.

Once he settles down, his family back home will start to look for a suitable alliance. With overwhelming response, they choose the suitable girl and fix their marriage.

The boy makes a flying visit as he is ought to get only two weeks leave, rushes visiting, praying, shopping and leaves soon with his bride.

Initially, the bride will start to feel extremely home sick but the adventure in that country would antidote her. The couple will try to learn a number of things on their own like hosting friends, exhibiting their new tried recopies and shopping for their new house. They explore driving to the near by temples and shopping in the Indian stores can yet serve as an another antidote to their home sickness.

They eventually settle down in that country with the husband finding a better job. Soon they also start a family and their parents and in-laws would make a visit. After a warm few months, when the parents leave, the couple would spare a thought to return to India. But with more opportunities to unfold, this idea gets brushed away too.

Soon it would be time for the children to go to school and they make a visit to India with family for three weeks once in two years or three years. This becomes a routine, until the children finishes their school. Eventually they move to a bigger house and buy a bigger car and are now half Indians and half natives.

Children would have imbibed the local culture and soon start to grumble on Indian living condition. Now, they are more or less anti-Indians.

The children grow into adults and are assigned to various tasks and soon the couple is left on their own. Now,they have more time to think of going back to India or retiring in India. They have achieved their goal and settled in life and not much things lie ahead to run or struggle for.

With being so much accustomed to the overseas life, with much apprehension, they repeatedly think of moving back to India.In the tiss a toss, finally they decide to go back to India. But will their kith and kin still expect them? Would those longing for their return have since died?

What is so great left for them in India now?

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