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Jokes 3 – January 1st, 2005

God was in the process of creating the Universe. He explained to his sub ordinates – ‘Look everything should be in balance – For every 10 deers there should be a lion’. ‘ Here is Unites States – I have given them prosperity and money – at the same time I have given them racism and gun culture. Here is Africa – I have given them beautiful nature and at the same time climatic extremes. There is South America – I have given them lots of lush forests and less land space so they will cut down the forests. So you see – everything should be in balance’ One of the angles asked – ‘O God – what is the beautiful country over here?’ God said ” Ahah! That is the crown piece of all – INDIA. My most special creation – friendly people, rich culture, great heritage, technologically brilliant, lot of natural resources, sparkling streams, serene mountains….’ The angel was very surprised – ‘ But God – You said everything should be in balance ?’ God replied – ‘ Ah! Yes! Look at the neighbors I have given them.

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