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National University of Singapore – August 14th, 2014

Mr R Rajaram, Director,
Office of Admissions & Office of Financial Aid
National University of Singapore

Education has been the foremost to all people. That too, obtaining seat in a world class university has been a goal to most of the students. The National University of Singapore ranked among the world class serve to the needs of the potential candidates all around the globe. Especially, for those from India, the proximity to Singapore makes NUS an invariable choice when choosing an University abroad.

Hence we approached Mr R Rajaram, Director, Office of Admissions, NUS to share his views on the University and the admission process.

Below is the article from him:

The National University of Singapore is a premier global institution, rich in academic offerings, research accomplishments and heritage. We provide students a rigorous, broad-based and globally oriented education.

Through our 16 faculties and schools, you can explore the different tracks of NUS’ unique academic pathways, offering a broad spectrum of curricula and courses to suit your various interests and strengths. You would get to choose from a wide range of disciplines, gain global experience and participate in our special programmes.

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is a premier programme for highly talented students which distinguish themselves by their intellectual rigour, resourcefulness and commitment to make important contributions to society. The NUS Overseas College (NOC) offers you a rewarding entrepreneurship education in one of our 8 overseas colleges. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to study at one of our renowned partner universities such as Stanford University or the University of Pennsylvania in the US, Fudan University or Tsinghua University in China, or the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

With over 37,000 students from 100 countries spanning across three campuses, campus life in NUS is full of vibrancy and never has a dull moment. You can immerse yourself culturally through our large offerings of cultural activities and interest groups. For the adrenaline seeking sports enthusiasts, you get to challenge yourself to greater heights via our great arrays of sport activities.

In today’s fast paced and highly competitive environment, it is important to stay ahead of the competition. Ranked among the world’s best, NUS unique, diverse and holistic education experience will hone in you the competitive edge. We produce graduates who are critical thinkers, creative and globally effective.

Admissions Requirements and Application Procedures The Office of Admissions receive applications for undergraduate studies from both local and international high school students. Each year, the office processed about 40,000 applications for the 6000 over vacancies.

For international students applying for undergraduate studies at NUS, they must ensure that they have either completed or are completing high school, that is, at least twelve years of general education in the year of application.

There are different admissions requirements for different qualifications. Applicants should also ensure they meet the minimum subject prerequisites for the courses they are interested to apply for.

Key qualifications generally submitted by students from India are as follows.

1. Indian Standard 12 CBSE
2. Indian Standard 12 ISC
3. International Baccalaureate
4. Cambridge International ‘A’ Levels

Detailed information on the admissions requirements and the subject prerequisites may be found at the international applicants webpage,

Admissions is based on academic merit and open competition amongst the applicant cohort. Satisfying the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee admissions as all applicants would need to compete with the applicant cohort for admission. Based on past years trend, applicants who secured admissions into the university present scores well above the high 90s.

Applications for international students open around mid-October each year. Different qualifications has different closing date. Aspiring applicants are encouraged to visit the Office of Admissions website regularly from early October onwards for the latest information.

Interested students may submit an application directly to the university via the Office of Admissions website. More details on the application procedures may be found at,

Should you have any admissions enquiries, please do not hesitate to write in to us via our online enquiry facility at,

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