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My Kerala Trip – June 8th, 2014

Nachammai Sivasanthoshi Vairavan, Primary Four, St. Margaret’s Primary School, Singapore

Last December, my mother, my brother and myself went to India and Dubai. In India we planned to go to Kerala. So we went to Kerala by car. My Grandmother too joined us. In Kerala, we visited five Temples. On our way to Kerala, we stopped at Kutralam water falls. There my mother, my grandmother and myself showered. My brother did not shower. We asked him to, but he did not listen to us.

The water came high from the hills. It was really enjoyable showering in Kutralam. The boys were swimming without any fear. We saw a lot of monkeys there. There were nice fruit shops too.

In Kerala, I liked all the Temples. They are not neat and clean like Singapore. But they were quite and calm. So, we prayed without any disturbance. The roads were also not very clean. Anyway we had so much fun. In Kerala, we stayed in my grandma’s friend’s house. She has two granddaughters. In the morning, I played with them outside their house. At that time I saw that place. It was full of plants and trees. It reminded me of Singapore. I think Kerala is a bit like Singapore with many plants and trees. I took photo with them.

My mother wanted to take us to Guruvayur. But some friends said that it will be very crowded. So, we planned to go next time with our father. My mother said we will go to Kerala again for more days.

We bought Kerala saree and fullskirt for me. It was really nice. I am looking forward to go to Kerala again.

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