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Mrs Visalakshi Ramanathan, founder of  the Art Studio ‘Dwarakamaye’ in Chennai,  is a woman of creativity and innovation.  She, who is well versed in many form of paintings and drawings, mainly  concentrates on Tanjore form of art.

When asked what is her specialty in this area, she says, ” I do  fusion work of Tanjore painting with other forms of art like acralyic  painting , stone wash painting, crayon work , water colours.  I would say that this as my specialty’.

Mrs Ramanathan’s works are done with minute details and fine outline that appeals to the customers.  Her innovation and the output has gained her the trust of her clients.

Having started to learn Tanjore art as a hobby during her holidays, when she was 13, now is into full time into this art,  given to her commitment and expertise.

She says that the talent of drawing runs in her family, as her mother, brothers are also good artists.  She further says, it was her mother who motivated her and always took her to  many  competitions, art galleries, exhibitions , which gave her sufficient exposure to delve into this art.

Pieces of  Tanjore  art of a medium size,  say 12 x 10 can become costly for one, when it has to be given in considerable numbers during functions.  As an alternative, Mrs Ramanathan designed the same design , style and effect by mold layout  exactly that  looks like a masterpiece  similar to Mysore style of art.  This fusion type was a big hit among her clients.  Similarly, the fusion  of stone wash  paintings  of buddha with Tanjore art of hers is yet another big hit.

‘Any one who comes to my gallery at my residence  always have a few words  of appreciation..  Even an non artistic person falls in love with the eyes of the deities of my paintings, which gives immense satisfaction to me.  My paintings  also are brought by people in the US, Germany, Malaysia and other countries’.

When asked her to share some piece of advise to the youngsters, she said, ‘Always have a hobby in life. Do whatever you do with a passion and love for your job. Life  will never get bored and time will not be wasted.   Leave behind something in this world that will speak for and after you leave!’


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