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Mr G.K Vasan – June 1st, 2006

Mr. G.K.Vasan is the president of the Tamil Nadu Congress Commitee and is the son of Late Sri. G.K.Moopanar. His interview that was took in sathya Moorthy bavan, Chennai.

How do you foresee the strength of the congress party in Tamil Nadu after the merger of sub-congress parties?

Though the Congress party in Tamil Nadu has not been in power for the last thirty seven years, it has been a pillar of strength to the party, that is forming the Government. Hence, we become indispensable during the time of elections. In my view, after the merger of Tamil Manila Congress, Congress party has become more stronger.

With so many factions in the party, do you still think it is stronger enough?

Factions are a norm in to-day’s political scenario. Every party has got its own internal problems both in Tamil Nadu and in other states. You can of course, see these difference of opinion in parties like BJP, Janata Dal, Shiv Sena. I do accept the differences of opinion within the party, but I must agree that our differences are basically based on as to how to strengthen the party, under Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. We are also trying to settle down with our differences of opinion.

Why is that the Congress party not being able to be an alternative to the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu?

Congress is the third largest party in Tamil Nadu. All the congress leaders have the same goal of restoring Kamarajar rule in Tamil Nadu. In due course, it will materialize. Being a National party we have issues in both central and State. Hence, we will have to solve accordingly.

Do you think proliferation of too many parties is a healthier one?

Being a democratic country, we have no bar to start new parties. Definitely, too many parties will not give good governance to people.

How much are you a fathers son?

I would like to adhere to my father’s principles in politics. My father’s mentor was Mr. kamarajar. I would like to inherit the principles of him too. So, I would consider Mr. Kamarajar, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and my father as my role model.

If you were not a politician, what would you have been?

I would have been an agriculturist. We are agriculturers. Still I do take care of our lands in our native.

Was agriculture your major in University?

No, I did Corporate Secretaryship. I did my university in Chennai.

How much time do you get to spend with your family?

My profession is such that, I will have to devote more time to the party work. So, my timings are very restricted. I have a four and a half years old son. My family understands this. The little time that I do get, I try to spend that qualitatively.

How do you relax?

Playing with my son is my best hobby. I don’t like to go out with them, rather, I would like to spend the time with them at home and relax.

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