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What a year 2020 has been !

Little did we realise that such a pandemic was awaiting us at the dawn of 1st Jan 2020.

COVID – 19 has shaken all professions, trades and businesses. With many months of closure and a dull year for any major events, many business are facing huge stock accumulation and slow sales.

LISHA being Little India Shopkeepers & Heritage Association we wanted to help our Merchants reach out to the public.

The Circuit breaker period has acted as a catalyst for digitalization. Many business have gone online showcasing and operations.

Nevertheless We wanted to do our part in satisfying the absence of the Deepavali festival market or expo as named generally, we conducted live online bidding sessions.

Online bidding sessions enable the public to view the goods live online and to purchase it instantly by locking in their desired bid.

In the merchants aspect, thier goods receive exposure and chances of getting sold instantly as well.

We conducted a few bidding sessions pertaining to festive goods, apparels and even gold jewellery.  Many were determined to make their desired goods locked in for themselves during sessions.

With a lively Presenter portraying his marketing and convincing skills, the session went well with many types of things sold away.

LISHA members participated as the displaying merchants and was opened to public. It reached thousands of viewers online.

We are glad that we helped our Merchants in the little way we could. I would like to thank my entire Women’s Wing team for assisting in running the bidding sessions.

It was a team work and certainly an energy consuming one but with everyone coming together to take up a role, it was a successfully delivered session.

We look forward to more LISHA live online bidding sessions.

Joyce Kingsly

Founder & Chairperson

LISHA Women’s Wing

Vice- President


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