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Indian Navy has deployed two indigenously designed and built ships, INS Sahyadri and INS Kamorta, to Singapore to participate in the International Maritime Defence Exhibition Asia 2017 (IMDEX Asia 2017) from 16 to 18 May 2017 and the RSN 50 International Maritime Review on 15 May 2017.

Indian Shipyards that have delivered these warships, together with other Indian Public and Private sector maritime defence industries are participating in IMDEX Asia 2017. While M/s Mazagaon Docks Ltd, M/s Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd, M/s Goa Shipyard Ltd, M/s Bharat Electronics Ltd, M/s Bharat Dynamics Ltd and the Ordnance Factory Board, will constitute the Indian Public Sector participation, India’s defence private sector will have participation by M/s Larsen & Toubro Limited and M/s BrahMos Aerospace Limited.

India’s Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba and High Commissioner of India to Singapore HE Mr Jawed Ashraf inaugurated the India Pavilion, booth E01, at the Changi Exhibition Centre on Tuesday, 16 May 2017.

INS Sahyadri


The result of cutting edge technology and an indigenous design, the Shivalik class frigates are the product of the Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval Design, under Project 17.  These CODOG ships heralded a new era in indigenous production of stealth warships, with features like RCS suppression techniques, Infra Red Suppression System (IRSS), Total Atmosphere Control System (TACS) concept, Automatic Power Management System (APMS) and Integrated Machinery Control System (IMCS).  The ships are equipped with an array of weapons and sensors to operate in both peacetime and in a multi-threat environment. The state of the art Combat Management System onboard effectively synergizes the sensors, electronic warfare capabilities of the ships and their firepower.

INS Sahyadri was commissioned on 21 July 2012.  The crest of INS Sahyadri depicts two crossed swords called the ‘Gurj‘ against the background of a blue sky and the majestic Sahyadri mountain ranges. A weapon traditionally used by the warriors of Sahyadri region, the tip of the sword has a crown consisting of sharp blades wrapped around a spike, which gives it a distinctly unique significance.

INS Shivalik is commanded by Captain Anil Jaggi.

INS Kamorta


The Kamorta class is the first indigenous anti-submarine corvette as well as the first indigenous stealth corvette built by India.  The ships have CODAD propulsion.  The ship’s advanced stealth features make her less susceptible to detection.  About 90% of the ship is indigenous and the ship is well equipped to fight in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare conditions. The weapons and sensors suite is predominantly indigenous, showcasing the nation’s growing capability in developing and deploying high performance, sophisticated weapon systems and equipment.  Apart from her integral Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capable helicopter, the formidable array of weapons include heavy weight torpedoes, ASW rockets, 76 mm caliber Medium Range gun and two multi-barrel 30 mm guns as Close-in-Weapon System (CIWS) with dedicated fire control systems.

INS Kamorta was commissioned on 24 August 2014. The ship’s crest comprises the ‘Shankh‘, one of the four Weapons of Lord Vishnu sounded as a battle horn to mark the beginning of the day’s campaign. The spiraling structure of the Shankh depicts ‘infinity’ signifying the strength and will of the ship and its men who know no bounds and extends until infinity.

INS Kamorta is commanded by Commander Vipin Gupta.

More related Information

Mazagaon Docks Ltd (MDL). MDL has been the pioneer in modern Indian shipbuilding. Starting with the Leander class frigates in the late 60s/early 70s, the shipyard has quickly moved onto indigenously designed and built ships like the Godavari Class frigates (in the 80s), Khukri class corvettes (late 80s/early 90s), the Delhi Class destroyers (in the 90s), Vipul and Prabal class Missile Boats (also in the 90s), the Shivalik Class frigates (in the 2000s) and the Kolkata Class destroyers (from the mid-2000s). MDL has also constructed the Shishumar class submarines and is now in the process of delivering the P75I Scorpene submarines to the Indian Navy.  Currently the shipyard is also working on the P17A frigates and the P15B destroyers for the Indian Navy. M/s MDL has also built the seven Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Indian Coast Guard (in the 80s). MDL has also delivered Offshore Supply Vessels for the ONGC and Border Out Posts for the Border Security Force. MDL’s portfolio in the commercial sector include Diving Support Vessel, Multipurpose Support Vessels, Harbour Utility Vessels/Crafts such as Tugs, Dredgers, Water Tankers, Passenger cum Cargo Vessels and an assortment of Support Vessels, Trawlers and Barges besides a Virtual jetty and Floating cranes.

As the lead defence shipyard of India, MDL has come a long way from being a small repair yard in the late 18th century to the country’s leading Defence Shipyard.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE). GRSE has also built a series for platforms for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. The shipyard has delivered the Brahmaputra Class Frigates, Kora Class Missile Corvettes, Kamorta class Anti-Submarine Corvettes, Magar Class Large Landing Ship Tanks, Landing Craft Utility, Fleet Replenishment Tanker, Patrol Vessels, Fast Attack Craft and Fast Interceptors. GRSE has also built the Offshore Patrol Vessel, “CGS Barracuda” for Mauritius. The shipyard is currently working on the P17A frigates for the Indian Navy.

Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL). Starting with the construction of Landing Craft for the Navy in the 80s, GSL has over the years built and delivered various vessels to the Indian Navy and Coast Guard, in addition to a commercial product portfolio. These include Survey Craft, Seaward Defence Boats, Missile Boats, Extra Fast Attack Craft, Survey Ships, Sail Training Ships and Patrol Vessels. The Shipyard recently delivered a Fast Patrol Vessel “Victory” to the Mauritius Coast Guard.

 Bharat Electronics Limited. From humble beginnings in 1954, Bharat Electronics Limited has come a long way to produces a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment in fields such as Defence Communication, Radars, Naval Systems, C4I Systems, Weapon Systems, Homeland Security, Telecom & Broadcast Systems, Electronic Warfare, Tank Electronics, Electro Optics, Professional Electronic Components and Solar Photovoltaic Systems. BEL was established to meet the specialized electronic equipment requirements of the Indian Defence Services. Its naval portfolio include Air and Surface Surveillance Radars, Secondary Surveillance Radars, Ship and Submarine sonars, Fire Control Systems for Naval Guns, Decoys and Anti Submarine Weapons, Electro- Optic systems, and an array of naval communications and ship networks.  Bharat Electronics also developed the Coastal Surveillance System for improving coastal security on India large coastline and has recently completed a similar project in Seychelles.

Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL). Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) was established in 1970 to be a manufacturing base for guided weapon systems for the Indian Defence Forces. It has since manufactured and delivered a series of anti-tank weapons to the Indian Army as well as light weight torpedoes and torpedo decoys. BDL is also the lead integrator of the Akash Weapon System and is currently delivering these systems to the Indian Armed Forces.

Larsen & Toubro Limited. Larsen & Toubro is an Indian multinational engaged in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, defence and financial services, with operations in over 30 countries worldwide. L&T is one of India’s leading private sector companies for supply of Defence Equipment and Systems in the Naval, Land and Air domain, with over 30 years of experience in this field. The Company provides indigenous, design to-delivery solutions across the defence spectrum – from surveillance to strike capabilities, and mobility platforms essential to enhance their effectiveness. L&T’s Defence & Aerospace segment’s product portfolio includes Tactical Command Systems, Tracking Systems, Radar & Sonar Systems, Military Communications Systems, Chemical Agent Monitors, Warships & Submarines, Armoured & Combat Vehicles, Bridging Systems & Logistics, Airborne Assemblies & Systems, Electrical & Automation Solutions, Missile Systems, Combat Management Systems, Artillery Systems, Missile & Rocket Launchers and Anti-Submarine Warfare.  The Company’s infotech business provides seamless integration of solutions that enhance both administrative and tactical efficiency of the armed forces. L&T also offers specialised turnkey defence construction solutions like underground structures, military bases, storage depots, smart infrastructure and modernisation of existing facilities.

 BrahMos Aerospace. BrahMos Aerspace was formed as a joint venture between the Defence Reseach and Development Organisation of India and the Joint Stock Company “Military Industrial Consortium” “NPO Mashinostroyenia” of Russia, through an inter-governmental agreement. Collaborative strengths of both institutions has resulted in the development of the BrahMos weapon system. The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile is a precision strike weapon for Army, Navy & Air Force. This universal missile can be fitted in ships, mobile launchers, submarines and on aircraft for use against land and sea targets. While the system has been inducted in the Indian Armed Forces, the system will also be exported to a few friendly countries.

Information and Photos:  Indian High Commission, Singapore




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