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Mrs Rajalakshimi Kannappan

Cat’s Eye

cats eye

It is one of semi-precious gemstones. It is the gemstone of Ketu (or South Node of the Moon). It looks exactly like a cat’s eye in appearance and that is why it is called as Cat’s eye. In Tamil, it is called as Vaiduryam. It has a white line in middle of the stone which shines in all directions when it is seen. Cat’s eye gives out “infra-red” rays which cannot be seen through normal eyes. These Infra-red rays give a lot of positive energy to mankind. Wearing Cats’s eye will help one to protect him/her from evil eye, helps to restore lost wealth, helps to restart a closed business, and also gives greater awareness and to increase the memory power. High quality Cat’s Eye is found in Sri Lanka. It is also found in India, England, Brazil, Japan and Australia. It is yellow mixed green colour, colourless and golden yellow colour. Cat’s Eye can be worn by people who are born in Dhanus and Katakam as their stars (i.e., Ashwini, Magham & Moolam as Nakshatra), and people who are born in the birthdates 7, 16 & 25. It should be worn in the ring finger.

A Blue Sapphire



Blue Sapphire is blue in colour, a part of Korandam family and belongs to Saturn (Sani). It is a very strong stone and should be worn only after a gemologist’s recommendation. It heals diseases of the nerve system and boost immunity greatly. A proper blue sapphire gemstone helps in mental clarity, blesses with fortitude, ability to overcome fear and generate tremendous wealth. It is found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kashmir and Australia. Its price per carat of gemstone depends on the colour, clarity, cut, weight per carat and origin. Deep rich colour is highest in price compared to other colours. Blue sapphire can be worn by people who are born in Magaram & Kumbham as their stars (i.e., Uthiradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam, Sathayam and Purattathi as Nakshatra) and people who are born in the birth dates 8, 17 & 26.  It should be worn in the middle finger.

Pearl (Muthu)


Pearl (Muthu) is considered a Gemstone even though it is not a mineral. It belongs to Moon(Chandran). Pearls are categorized as Freshwater Pearl and Cultured Pearl. Only Freshwater Pearls come from mussels and each mussel can process up to 50 Pearls. Cultured Pearls are produced by inserting a foreign substance with in the body of mussel. It is white and cream in colour. It relaxes the mind and gives peace to the person who wears it. Pearl bestows clarity of thought. It controls mental anxiety and mood swings in a person and ensures that anger and depression are under control. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Japan, China and Australia. “MIKIMODO” Pearl from Japan is famous. Pearl can be worn by people who has kadagam as their star (i.e., Rohini, Hastham and Thiruvonam as Nakshatra) and People who are born in the birth dates 2, 11, 20 & 29. It should be worn in right hand little finger.



Coral (Pavalam) is not a mined stone or mineral, but an organic gemstone. It belongs to Mars(Savaii). It is the hardened, skeleton-shaped result of secretions continuously deposited by marine polyps. It looks like a colourful underwater plant. Coral is found in clear at between 15 and 160 feet. The greater the depth, the lighter the coral’s colour is. Corals are found in almost all the world’s oceans. The biggest is the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Italian red coral is in the highest demand in the jewelry industry and is considered the finest quality. It has the power to boost energy and confidence, eliminating fear, dominating enemies and competitors. It comes in red, white, blue and black colours.  Coral exhibit yellow Cosmic rays. It can be seen through 3D lens. This rays help in curing damaged tissues in body. It is found in India, Australia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Sri Lanka. All People who are born in the domination of Mars can wear Coral. People who are born in the birth dates 9, 18 & 27. It should be worn in right ring finger.



The gemstone representing the planet Rahu is Hessonite or Gomedhaka or Gomedh. It takes after the colour of cow’s fat. Generally, honey coloured Hessonites are used to strengthen or pacify the planet Rahu. Rahu is the north node of the moon represented by the upper half of the snake. Since Hessonite has a honey like drop inside, its cost is less. But the result of using this kind of Hessonite is not inferior to using the pure hessonite gemstone. It helps to prevent one from falling sick and from poisons of insects and animals. Hessonite has the power to give courage, wealth, name and avoids education barrier. First quality Hessonite gemstones are found in Sri Lanka and India. It is also found in America, Canada and Brazil. Hessonite can be worn by people who are born in Thiruvathirai, Swathi and Sathayam as Nakshatra and people who are born in the birth dates 4, 13, 22 & 31. It should be worn in right middle finger.

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