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Mrs Rajalakshmi Kannanppan

As how it is greatly believed that the human body works with the help of the natural five elements, Gemstones are also believed to have been created with the help of the natural five elements. This has been identified and proved by Gemology experts.

Gemstones are classified into two – Precious and Semi-Precious.

The Precious stones are Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Cat’s eye, Blue sapphire and many more. These Precious stones are costlier and found very rarely on earth.

The virtues of the Gemstones are many in which commonly people do believe. It is said to bring positive energy in oneself and can even cure some diseases!

Each Gemstone has its own uniqueness.

For those who believe in it should opt to wear Gemstones based on their Star and birth date, which will then bestow right positive energy on them.

Navarathinam’s are represented by Navagrahas. Each Navarathinam is significant to one of the Navagrahas.

Emerald – Mercury (Pudhan)
Diamond – Venus (Sukran)
Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter (Guru)
Ruby – Sun (Suryan)
Cat’s Eye – Ketu
Blue Sapphire – Saturn (Shani)
Pearl – Moon (Chandran)
Coral – Mars (Seivaai)
Hessonite – Rahu

Here are some details on the precious stones


Emerald is called as the Prince of Navarathinam. It represents Mercury (Pudhan) among the 9 Planets. It is Soft in nature having dark and light green colours. It has the power to attract others by its colour. When Emerald stone is put in a glass of milk, it has the tendency to change the milk colour into green.

Colombian Emeralds are of the best quality, highly energised and costlier amongst all the others. It is also found in Countries like South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and in India it is found in Rajasthan, Jaipur and Kashmir.

Emerald can be worn by people who has Kani and Midhunam as their Rasi (i.e., Ayilyam, Kettai, Revathi as Stars) and People who has their birth dates as 5, 6, 14, 15, 23 & 24 and then they would Strengthen their Veins, get fresh energy, power of attraction, acquire Sharp mind.

It can be worn in ring finger and in little finger.



Among all the other Navarathinam stones Diamond is costlier and shines brighter. It is hard by nature and it cannot be cut by any other material other than its specified equipment. Diamond is formed by carbon and some natural alloys. Thousands of years ago these carbons went inside earth due to natural disaster, and so it got hardened and mixed with natural alloys which is under earth. It got heated due to the crust and formed as a rock. It doesn’t give any specified colour. Since it is hot by nature it increase the temperament of the one wearing.

Diamond can be worn by people who has Rishabam and Thulam as their stars (i.e., Rohini, Mirukasheerisham, Swathi & Vishaakam as Nakshatra). And People who are born in the birth dates of 6, 15, & 24. It can be worn in Ring finger.

Yellow Sapphire


It is also called as Golden Sapphire as it is yellow in colour. It belongs to Korandam Family. Yellow Sapphire is also costlier. This gemstone belongs to Jupiter (Guru). People who wear this Gemstone are said to be the ultimate Winners. It’s virtues have even been told in ancient works like Thiruvillaiyadal puranam.

It gives a lot of positive energy, good wealth and enthusiasm to the person who wears it. It is found in between rocks, and so it is flat in structure. Yellow Sapphire is found in large quantity in Brazil. It is also found in Sri Lanka, India and Russia. It can be worn by people who are born in Thanusu and Meenam as their Rasi (i.e., Punarpusam, Visakam & Purattathi as Nakshatra) and People who are born in the birth dates 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21, 28 & 30.

It Should be worn in Pointing Finger.



Ruby is said to be the King of Navarathinam. It belongs to Sun. When sunrays fall on the ruby, it gets the tendency to send in positive energy to the person wearing it. It is also said that people who wears ruby will be successful and help to rule. High quality Rubies are found in Mogak Myanmar. It is also found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Tanz. Rubies can be worn by people born in Simam as their Rasi (i.e., Makam, Pooram & Uthiram as Nakshatra) and People who are born in the birth dates 1, 10 & 19.

It should be worn in the Ring finger.

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