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EECP 4 – April 1st, 2008

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) Creats Bypass naturally

Courtesy: Neomed hospital
2181, L-Block, 12th main road,
Anna Nagar, Chennai-600 040.

Are there any patients who are not able to have EECP?

There are very few patients who are unable to have EECP. These who should not be treated include pregnant women, individuals with a severe leakage in their arotic valve requiring surgical repair, and patients with an active blood clot in their leg.

I had a blood clot in my leg three years ago. Can I have EECP?

Yes. Having a history of a blood clot(deep venous thrombosis or DVT) in your leg does not preclude you from having EECP. It is recommended that you have a Doppler ultrasound of your leg to confirm the blood clot has resolved before beginning the EECP program.
Does EECP aggravate high blood pressure (hypertension)?

No. If you have hypertension that is properly managed, you may undergo EECP without difficulty. Ofterntimes, patients with hypertension find that their blood pressureimproves as they proceed with EECP.

I have bad circulation in my legs (peripheral vascular disease or PVD). May I still have EECP?

Yes, and you should! EECP improves blood flow throughout the entire body, including your legs. If you have poor leg circulation, you might need more than 35 treatements. My patients typically require at least 50 treatments to ge the full benefit ofthe program. In addition to improved stamina, less angina, and less nitroglycerin use, patients with PVD have a marked improvement in their leg cirulation inreponse to EECP.

I have atrial fibrillation and an irregular heartbeat. May I still have a EECP?

Yes. An irregular heartbeat, including one caused by atrial fibrillation, will not interfere with EECP if the heart rate is controlled and no faster than 100 beats per minute.

I have varicose veins. May I still have EECP?

Yes. Varicose veins are typically a cosmatic issue, not a medical one. As such, they fo not preclude individuals from receiving EECP. We often use extra padding in patients with varicose veins to ensure maximum comfort.

What happens if my angina returns months or years after I finish my EECP treatment course? Can I come back for more?

Yes. EECP is not a once-in-a life time treatment. Heart disease is a chronic illness and symptoms may return at some point in the future. The door is always open you to return for additional courses of EECP as needed.

What is the current status and the expected future of EECP?

Leading technology for treating cardiovascular diseases is slowly moving from very invasive methods to less invasive. Medical history is witnesses that in the seventies bypass surgery was the big news in the treatment of coronary artery disease. In the eighties it was balloon angioplasty and inthe ninetiesit was thae stent now wecan move still a step further to a totally noninvasive treatment with EECP. The future belongs to those whosucceed and EECP in now provided world wide by leading hospitals. The success of EECP can be judged by the fact that in the US Medicare reimbursement rate for EECP has increased by 7% whereas that for other procedures like angioplasty and bypass surgery decreased by 6%.

What should I do after EECP treatment?

To prevent the progression of your disease after completion of the treatment you should make life style changes like
1. Quit smoking
2. Following heart friendly diet
3. Controlling obesity
4. Doing Regular exercise.

Have regular follow up with your cardiologist to lower your cholestrol, to control your blood pressure and diabetes. EECP treatment provide you with new blood vessels. It is you to prevent your vessel from developing obstruction again.


EECP has numerous distinct advantages over surgery:

*Noninvasive *Outpatient *Lowrisk
*No additional Medication required
*No recupearation time required
*No side effect

Patients have reported increased exercise tolerance energy and free from chest pain following treatment without risk of surgery.

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