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Mrs Soundara Nayaki Vairavan with Mr D R Karthikeyan

D. R. Kaarthikeyan is a farmer-turned, lawyer-turned, senior police officer-turned, Human Rights activist-turned, promoter of Inter-faith Harmony and environmentalist. He held very high positions in the Government of India including Director General of the National Human Rights Commission, Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force.

He has visited over 150 countries participating in and addressing Conferences relating to various subjects of human welfare including fighting violence, crime and terrorism, and promoting Environment, Human Rights and Inter-faith Harmony.

His commendable services have been recognized and honoured by the Government and Non-Governmental Organisations.

He was awarded by President of India with Medal for Meritorious Service and Medal for Distinguished Service and he is a recipient of many more prestigious awards and accolades. His interview for Sing-Ind Voice readers…..

1. From your experience, what is your suggestion, advice for being a good human in this complex world?

      I agree the world today is getting more and more complex and complicated. Ancient values of culture, compassion and care are getting diluted and people are becoming more and more commercial and selfish. My advice/suggestion in good schools and even major organisations is, we should revive respect and adherence to our time honoured human values that are relevant for all situations and societies. Values like compassion,    kindness, caring for each other, respect to elders and teachers, protection of environment including nature, forests, rivers, lakes and other forms of lives like animals, birds and living creatures. It is only by those values, we can prevent self destruction of all and everything by cherishing and protecting rights of existence of all forms of lives.

2. This is globalized world. What is your advice on the globalization and the technology that influences this younger generation?                    

     It is true that the ancient system of joint families is disappearing. The whole world is becoming a shinking family, but with no consideration for the welfare of each other. While anyone from any part of the world can travel and communicate with each other due to expanding technology and communications, the distance between individuals living next to each other and in fact even within the families, is growing-not caring for each other. The elders should be aware of the dangerous situations and make an effort to communicate and    care for each other and also imbibe in the children also the same values of loving and caring for each other. 

3. Your one principle that has taken you this far?                                                 

      There is no question of our living alone with joy and success. Either we live together or perish together. I always realise the value of being together – respecting, loving and helping each other. I have lived my life according to this time honoured principle – together with each other-within the family or outside also.

4. The character trait of yours that you admire the most?                            

       My sense of integrity, independence, compassion, being kind and helpful to others and commitment to the task/work that has fallen to my task by destiny. No complaints.

5.  Your two principles while trying to encounter a problem ?                         

        Acceptance of the situation as the best and getting devoted to the task given with courage. Any challenge is treated as an opportunity and nothing is impossible to achieve.

6. If you want to go back and change something in your life, what would you like to?

I think what is given to me by the Divine is the best. I would like to be born to the same Divine parents and to my wife as the best gift. Would like to be blessed by having them in every birth.

7. Have you ever thought you have missed something in life? If means what?

I would have been happier if I had realised the value of yoga and Meditation even earlier younger also.

8. What is your hobby?

Different things at different ages. Now a days learning, practicing and promoting more of yoga and Meditation and promoting environment and integrated health. 

9. How much time do you get for yourself say perhaps a week? How will you spend that time?

      I do not have any time for my own enjoyment or relaxation.I work and travel all the time obliging people to promote their health, welfare and enhancement of environment to protect planet earth moving towards self destruction-due to the global warming/pollution and the dangerous wars increasingly in many parts of the world.

10. Are you religious/superstitious?

I am not at all superstitious. But I am religious but rational-you can say I am spiritual respecting all forms of religious practices, without hurting environment and other forms of life.

11. Your role model?

Many from different times/regions. Embodiment of values, virtues, compassion and goodness. 

12. How much important do you think yoga and meditation is in a person’s life?                            Yoga and Meditation are the most precious in everyone’s life, as they promote harmony between the body mind and soul-equanimity and universality–which will guarantee peace and prosperity in the individual, family, society and the whole world.

13.  What is your take on vegetarianism?

I am a vegetarian and a staunch promoter of vegetarianism everywhere. It is good for the body, mind and the spirit of the individual. It shows compassion towards other forms of existence. They all have the right to live like humans. Every life is created for a purpose and hence man has no right to kill other forms and eat their dead body. Science also has accepted vegetarianism is the best for health. If we want to deal with the ever increasing global warming, the earlier we put  an end to animal agriculture, the better it is to save planet earth, our only Home. This is a subject which can be explained convincingly if you invite me for a debate.

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