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Conducive Family Situation is the key for producing good children – March 7th, 2014

An affectionate mother, an embracing father, a peaceful and a good family set up is all key for producing good children. How can one attain this kind and thus create a conducive situation for her/his children to progress in their studies? Mrs Sarojini Padmanathan, Chief Operating Officer, SINDA gives some tips

1. Breakfast – essential to keep up the energy level

We all know that an united and understanding family is indispensable for a child to concentrate and progress in his/her studies. Apart from this basic fact, there are also so many other factors that contribute to the welfare of the child. Many children go off to school with out good breakfast. If they go to school without good food, obviously they will be tired and will run out of energy. If they lack good energy, how can they concentrate on what the teacher says and will learn the subjects? This will prevent the child from being brisk and make the child loose interest in his/her studies. So it is essential for the parents to ensure that their children have good breakfast and then go to school.

2. Encouraging words

Encouragement will make even the dullest to perform well. When a child is eager to perform something, repeated encouraging words from the parents will automatically get registered in the child’s mind and will motivate him/her to succeed. If a family as a whole can come in handy and support the child when the child is in low spirits, then that is called an ‘exemplary family’. The parents must keep motivating the children by often telling them that ‘they can do’. When they are apprehensive of how they will fare in their exams, parents must keep encouraging them that, they can do well. Then that child will feel inspired. If the child is struggling, just get the books from the child and see in which way you can help her/him to solve the problem. If you have to be of full help to the child, the parents should also update themselves and familiarize with the subjects.

3. Peaceful situation

Usually the children return home not only tired but also with a lot of home work. Only if there is peace in the house, then the children can do their work attentively. A chaotic situation will only add more burden on the children. Hence any tiff among the family members should have been resolved by the time the children return home. Children must be encouraged to spend their time more usefully through inspiring words and not through abusive words. Most children prefer to spend their time watching television and in the computers. As a result they will run short of time to do their home works. To counter this kind of situation, the parents must put a time chart for the children to follow and must supervise if the children have kept up to the timings.

4. Caring mother and embracing father

Usually the working parents return home tired seeking more rest. Apparently that will be the time also for the children to share their concerns with their parents. Only as elders and more matured, parents must understand and must attend to the child’s needs. The father must make an attempt to read the notifications from the teachers. This will augment the child’s respect on the father. A cordial relationship between the parents and children will surely solve whatever the problem be.

5. Give quality time to your children

The parents must adjust their lifestyle to dedicate more time to their children’s needs. A strong foundation during the primary levels is crucial. Then the children will be able to build their future. Hence, it is in the hands of the parents to nurture the children.

All the best to you parents!

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