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Cauliflower Manchurian – July 1st, 2004


Cauliflower cut into pieces.

Corn Flour 2and a half tea spoons.

Gram flour 4 tea spoons

Maidha 3 tea Spoons.

Chilli powder half tea spoon.

salt as requiered.

Garlic 2 flakes.

Coriander 2 table spoons.

soya sauce half tea spoon.

tomato sauce half tea spoon.

chilli sauce half tea spoon.


Mix gram flour, corn flour, maidha and chilli powder with slat and make it into a liquid batter. Boil the cauliflower pieces and drain the water and keep it aside. Cut garlic, coriander into fine pieces. Now, dip the cauliflower pieces one after another in the batter. Heat oil in a khadai and deep fry the cauliflower. Take out when the cauliflower turns to golden brown colour. Mix all the sauces, garlic, coriander pieces and add on to the cauliflower chops.

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