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Beauty Tips 2 – January 1st, 2007

In this busy world, do you have a little time to go to the parlor regularly?

My friend suggested me a good facial home made pack, which is resulting proven. Any skin texture, this facial pack suits the best. Below are the ingredients.

Almond 5grm.
Pista 5grm
Cucumber seeds 5grm
Poppy seeds 5grm
Multani Muti 5grm (available in stores)
Sandal 5grm
Barley 100grm
Dried rose petals 5grm
Turmeric powder 1grm

Take these ingredients to any place, where they will grind it to powder. Make sure, it is wet-free.


Wash your face with any toilet soap that you use. Wipe your face with a towel. Take one table spoon of the above facial pack and mix it well with water into a paste form. Gently apply it over your face upwards. Make sure you apply all over your face. Sit and relax. In half an hour’s time, when the paste becomes dry, wash your face with clean tap water and wipe with a towel.


Put the powder in a tight container and refrigerate it. Generally, it lasts over a few years.

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