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Be Willing – Be Healthy – September 29th, 2014

K Chandrasekaran (shortly ‘KC’), 67, Tamil, Engineer, Singapore, born in Nattarasankottai/India, is health conscious since long years; is careful about food and habits; but never been to games or exercises, until age 57. Subsequently, having had diagnostic angiogram and knee pain, he turned towards exercise. Now he is a marathon runner and vertical marathoner.

First time, KC listened to Healer Baskar in the web-site by May 2012. Starting from the very same day his wife and himself started following the basics of Baskar’s guidance. The single truth that overtook KC is ‘the food not digested in the mouth is harmful waste’. Equally powerful fact is ‘intelligence of human body is the supreme of all’

Having been overwhelmed, KC wrote a book in Tamil last year, bringing out the core views of Healer Baskar in a condensed form to reach more of his relatives and neighbors around. Of late he brought out this in English.

(Healer Baskar, 40, Tamil, Engineer, Coimbatore/India, is a full time health ambassador on his own, sharing his experience related to body, mind and other life issues, for free. He is dedicated and eager to spread his learnings to the whole humanity. His books and videos in numerous languages speak of it. He delivers long lectures, 20 days a month, in India, Middle East and Asian countries. Visit to know more)



We suffer from innumerable kinds of diseases, like,obesity, belly-fat, heart and lung diseases, blood vessel block, diabetic, blood pressure, thyroid, short-sightedness, long-sightedness, cataract, joint pains, kidney failure,dialysis, gallbladder-stone, anemic, impotency, cancer and many more. Of this whole lot, none is caused by God. We have developed these diseases ourselves. All illness are instituted by us and only by us. We pray to God. We pray deeply for our health. We believe Him. But we do not believe our body which is His design. We pay little attention to know our body. Know that, our health is within us, and very much within our body. We have not understood this fact and searching hard, all around, looking for rich hospitals and well paid doctors.Our pockets cannot reap the health.God is very kind and loves each one of us profusely. He wants all of us to be happier and joyful. He has engineered our body, to be healthier until our end. While we are born, by giving us this amazingly brilliant body, God has blessed us total health.


Our body is marvelous. Billions of cells constitute our body and each cell has super intelligence. Only God can be compared to the intelligence of the body cells. Body intelligence is different from the intelligence of our brains. Latter is what we accumulate, through our five senses, whereas, the body intelligence is direct from God. Even a noble-prize-laureate’s brain intelligence is just a pea-nut when compared to human body. Brain-intelligence level varies from a person to person, depending on one’s education, experience and environment. Body- intelligence is of same degree for every human. Brain can err, but body never. Look at these solid realities. How does the nucleus in the mother’s womb develop in to a baby? It is the body intelligence which develops the baby. The body cells pick up the needed elements and nutrients from the mother’s blood and build the blocks.You know about the small-pox virus being injected to a child to develop resistance against future attack from the virus. How does it work? Don’t you realize that it is the body intelligence that prepares the antidote for the virus and protects the child?


Blood carries glucose, oxygen, water, nutrients and what all needed for our body. The body cells absorb these elements from the blood in order to function and support our living. In case of any illness, the body cells prepare required medicines, taking the requisite elements and nutrients from the blood. As nutrient carrier, the blood is a wonderful medicine, very natural and totally without any side effects. The science has not, so far, invented any medicine comparable to blood and it can never do in the future too.


If our blood contains all the constituents required for our body wellness and if all these constituents are pure, powerful and of good quality we can enjoy total health without any disease. Maintaining the blood quality is very easy. The trick of having quality blood is fully within our control. It is nothing new, and is all what our fore-fathers followed and practiced. There are numerous preaching from our elders. As time passed on, our life-style kept changing, bad to worse, we ignored all the practices, and are now suffering from pain and agony.
Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire, theFive Elements of Nature, support our body. If we set right these five-elements, our body would be free from all illness. By maintaining these five-elements in the apt manner, we can get rid of the prevailing diseases. Medicine, tablets or surgeries will not be needed. Nothing magical, it is how God has evolved our body system.The last section titled “Little Tricks – the Whole Health”, describes the norms related to these Five Elements. These guidelines are well known to us and simple to practice. Understand these tips, pick them up gradually in stages,and ultimately adapt them in full. Once you are tuned to these basics, your blood turns excellent and whole health embraces you, beyond doubt. Of these, the most basic is ‘eating method’, which relates to Earth Element. The single formula of ‘digesting the food in the mouth’ would do miracles. On applying this formula, within a day or two, the intensity of ‘diabetes mellitus’ starts slowing down; constipation disappears; in 2 weeks period one can realize reduction in his waist line;in 4 to 6 weeks can feel improved eye vision and fat-lumps over the body, if any, start shrinking.


Health without medication offers immense happiness. The happiness one derives from wealth and bank balance, spouse and children, landand estates, housing and car, pride and honor are next only to health. The healthy person can succeed and shine, in all walks of life, let be employment,business, friends and relationships, sports and recreation, service to society, submission to God or Spiritual Gate-way. Health shall be your top priority, well captured and rooted deep in your mind.“ I am getting old. I am sick” is ridiculous thought and full of absurdity. Such thoughts trash us in to the sewer. Remove such foolish views off from your head. Do not feel proud and do not trumpet about your diseases and the rich treatment you had in the past.Get rid of the bad omens, like, ‘my disease cannot be cured’. Our body can cure all the diseases with out any exception. Believe it. Be willing to be healthier without medicines.


Our body-intelligence is the author of our health. To fully utilize the body- intelligence and its boundless capability, one shall improve and follow the correct ‘eating method’. If the food we eat is completely digested in the process, it becomes medicine. If not completely digested, the same food turns poison causing all sorts of diseases. The dominant organ in the food digestion tract is our ‘mouth’. The food, not properly prepared in the mouth, is not getting further digested in the stomach. First stage of food digestion occurs in the mouth. If one understands the concept of ‘digesting the food in the mouth’ and eats thoroughly, that is the great support we do to our digestive system and to our health.


Eat only while hungry. If one does not feel hungry at the dining-table that means that the previous meal is still lingering in the stomach and not fully digested yet. In this situation, any additional food taken in cannot get digested, and all, in totality, becomes poisonous waste. If wanted to eat at fixed clock-timings, adjust the previous meal quantity and the in-between snacks such that you feel hungry at the next meal.

Do not take water, soup or any drink during meal-time, starting half an hour before meal and until half an hour after meal. Any liquid consumed during this period dilutes the hydro-chloric acid that secretes in the stomach,making it inactive. The diluted acid cannot cook the food reaching the stomach and cannot effectively separate the nutritious food from the fibers. While eating, focus fully on the food and its taste. Set aside all distractions, like, television, radio, music, computer, phone, reading, talking, laughter, personal worries etc. As we glorify the food and eat with focus, saliva and other digestive enzymes secrete amply. Gently close your eye-lids, enjoy the taste deeply, mix the food and saliva well, chew each gulp of food 20 to 30 times in the mouth, pulp it, then swallow. Only in pulp-state digestive enzymes can thoroughly mix with every micron of the food and have complete chemical reaction, enhancing the digestion and absorption. While chewing the food keep the lips closed. if the lips are open, outside air enters the mouth and food and saliva cannot intimately mix. Include all the six tastes of food(see the section ‘the taste marvel’) in every meal. Every taste is needed for wellness of different organs. To quote, sweet taste supports stomach functioning, and small intestine is supported by bitter and astringent tastes. (See ‘Table of Relationship’).Similarly while taking water, soup, fruit juice or any drinks, taste it and take in small gulps, swirling over the tongue in order to mix with saliva.‘Drink the solid, eat the liquid’ is a well-coined saying, in this regard.DO YOU EAT THE CORRECT WAY? HOW TO KNOW?If the food is eaten by digesting in the mouth then the food gets completely digested in the stomach. In this case, remnant human feces would be less dense, light and would float over the water when observed in the toilet bowl.On the other hand, if the food is eaten without digesting in the mouth, it is not fully digested in the stomach, the nutrients not effectively separated from the fibers and not fully assimilated. Result is, the remnant human feces is dense, heavy and would sink in the toilet water.Check yourself, the effectiveness of your ‘mouth digestion’ in the toilet bowl; it floats if you do a good job; and it sinks to the bottom, otherwise. Be watchful and win.

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