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Aurum Restaurant – July 1st, 2007

The modern society is experiencing innumerous adventures. That ranges from flying high in a parachute, exploring underneath the sea, climbing a snowy mountain at a 10,000 feet height, and for the qualified, it is a privilege to spend months in space. You don’t need to be a qualified, nor spend in thousands, but you have got to have your own taste to dine at the Aurum restaurant in Singapore.

What is the adventure in this restaurant?
It is a medical-themed restaurant.The concept of Aurum was conceived by Clement Lee, CEO of Lifebrandz Ltd. Clement’s direction for Aurum was to stretch its diner’s imagination; to journey beyond familiar territories, not just in the physical environment and presentation but in the perception and notion of what we call cuisine.

A fine-dining evening at Aurum begins at the morgue-like reception, housed in glass. As you proceed up the winding black stairs, enter a room painted gold, with gold-dotted accents and a glitzy gold disco ball.

The controversial theme of Aurm befitted its avant- garde cuisine, which uses scientific methods to create new flavors.
Gold features prominently in the decor and food because Aurum is Latin for Gold. The highlight of Aurum’s decor is the stainless steel surgical tables, with concealed trays of cutlery that dinner is served on as you sit in gold wheelchairs.

And for the first time in Singapore, food lovers can get a taste of new-age cuisine. The menu is a dizzying array of food that is space age worthy. Headed by Edward Voon, executive chef of The Cannery, the menu at Aurum comprises all mystifying creations of art-meets science, high technology-meets-haute cuisine.

Aurum targets food lovers who are not afraid to experience the creation of new flavours through extraordinary methods.

Chef Edward Voon and his team whip up a unique blend of foods, such as Isotonic Lychee Caviar and Spanish Omelette of the XXI Century. Using liquid nitrogen, gas canisters and syringes, dinner at Aurum is where gastronomy takes a trip to the science lab.

Aurum is well-received by diners who welcome an out-of-the-ordinary experience in terms of cuisine and environment.

There are such other controversial themed restaurants like the one in Taiwan, called ‘The Toilet’, where the diners sit in the toilet bowl like seating arrangements. The other in Thailand called ‘The Jail’. Here, people are handcuffed and taken to the cell, where they dine.

For those who raise a question as, ‘if theses are mysterious or dangerous?’ The answer would be – it is up to an individual to decide.

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