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Tomato Chutney – October 5th, 2011


Oil: Two table spoon Spoons
Mustard: One tea spoon
Uratdhal: One tea spoon
Curry Leaves: One tea spoon
Onions: 2 big
Tomatoes: 2 big
Tamarind ball: one Gooseberry size
Ani seed: 1 Tea spoon
Cummin Seed: ¼ Tea spoon
Chilli: eight (fry and keep)
Salt: as required


Cut the onions and tomatoes into pieces. Place a pan in the burner. Pour a little oil. Put the aniseed, cumin seed, chilies, onions, tomatoes and tamarind ball one after another. Stir for five minutes and take it out from the burner. Keep it aside and let it cool. Grind it.

Again put the pan in the burner and pour the rest of the oil and put the mustard, uratdhal and curry leaves one after another. Let the mustard splurt and the uratdhal turn into golden brown color, now pour the ground chutney and let it boil for fifteen minutes. Now add the required salt to it.

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