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These days parents invest a lot of effort, time and money in their children. They send the children to a lot of classes. Apart from the heavy school work, the children are forced to cope up with the tuition classes too.  But do really parents know, how to teach the children? Which is the best way to make them understand/grasp things better? Here are some tips.

‘Help them learn to learn’ is the best gift that one can give their children.

1. Tap the inquiry mind in them

All beings are natural enquirers and children are more so. The teachers or parents should not give direct answers to children’s questions and instead, ask more open ended questions and let them explore and find the answers on their own. This being information age, information are available aplenty. So, it is the responsibility of the elders to guide them to get the information, according to their requirements.

2. Teach them with their prior knowledge

Children will have the prior knowledge of any concept that they are expected to learn at any given age. So, plan the learning from their prior knowledge. Take them step by step through provocations and experiences. Through these, they will understand as what the concept is (i.e) from the familiar to unfamiliar.

3 Differentiation

Take into consideration the different kinds of learners. For eg, visual learner, kinesthepic learners etc…when you plan the lesson. Give them as many experiences as possible in the form of activities, field trips, experiments etc to cater to their different intelligence.

Make your child learn more easily rather than pile them up with more work.

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