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Ms Sai Lalitha Aiyar

Podi and Poriyal is a restaurant founded by Arpanam PTE LTD. Arpanam is a social venture started by the Nadathur family.  Arpanam,  believes strongly in deepening cultures & traditions while adapting it to the modern needs and making it accessible to the new customer generation that craves experiences. Their intent is to showcase the rich culture & traditions of South India while catering to the modern customers expectations from the food industry .

Podi and Poriyal strives to provide an environment that is focused on the welfare of the customers, ensuring the best experience from the moment one steps in to their quaint and cosy venue. The experience will be soothing for all your senses with melodious music in the background, nostalgic and natural fragrances of their  healthy and nutritious food, and the comforting and homely interior design of their restaurant.

Their food is the authentic South Indian vegetarian dishes cooked from rare recipes and ingredients. Their menu is a collection of homely meals and snacks that have deep cultural and traditional roots.

The best part is that their dishes are cooked to reminisce forgotten history of traditional India, through their recipes.  The authenticity of their food is supported with the nutritious values of these traditional meals. Therefore, for those worried about the unhealthiness can put those thoughts away as their recipes are committed to healthy choices through the use of  fresh ingredients, with no MSG and artificial colours.  Even their kitchenware consists of traditional cooking materials such as Kalchetti (stoneware) and Mannchetti (Mudpots) to add to our traditional dining experience.

They  also offer a special ‘Low carb’ menu consisting of meals with millet substitute that is just as tasty and nutritious. For those who would like a chill afternoon in a nice location to increase their productivity or just to simply relax and enjoy a nice cup of ‘filter coffee’, Podi and Poriyal is the best place for you.

To commit to the sincerity of their Mission of providing for the welfare of community, they have purposefully setup podi & poriyal as a social venture so that they can direct all profits made back to society, perhaps to further enhance cultures or support local needs in different ways.

About the author of the article

Sai Lalitha has completed her IB from SOTA and specialised in Theatre.

She plans to pursue her degree in Sociology and Politics and would love to curate art programs in the future.

She writes on anything that’s different and has a cultural element in it.


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