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Jewel – July 1st, 2007

Jewel is becoming an intrinsic part of women. A continuous surge in gold price has made women opt other types of jewels like silver, artificial stones and others. Every metal needs a particular way to maintain it. Mrs. Jothi Senthil shares some tips, as to how to maintain the jewels in an easy and inexpensive way. These tips are her collections through readings from various books and some are her hear say. She also gives some tips in the selection of jewels and the ways to wear it for a better appearance.

1. Clean your silver anklets with tooth brush now and then.

2. When you are going out for functions, wear the jewels, after you are done with your entire make-up. By doing so, you can avoid damages from chemical deposits over your jewels.

3. There is a tendency to clean the jewels either with hair shampoo or toilet soap. Instead you could opt for a non-chemical item like ‘poongankottai’, (a Tamil term) which will be available in the Indian stores. First,soak the “ponkottangai’ in a 200ml glass for 2-3 hours. Now the water will get a texture equivalent to shampoo. When the jewels are cleaned using this water, it can remain dirt free for a long time.

4. Remove your jewels off, while on household cleaning to avoid erosion due to strong chemicals in detergents.

5. While storing the jewels in a locker, put them in a wooden box for it to glitter ever.

6. Put the ‘broach’ in the sari, on the lower part of the shoulder, for the broach to be seen well.

7. Do not put the pearl jewels along the gold and diamond jewels, as they are feeble natured.

8. 95% of platinum metal is pure. Platinum jewels are almost free from skin allergy.

9. While purchasing the platinum jewels, make sure to get the ‘Platinum Guild International Guarantee Card’, which is recognized all over the world.

10. Place the jewels made of kuntan stones (North Indian jewels), in a cotton towel.

11. Maintain a record of your jewels kept in the locker, as to how you maintain your bank account. Hence you can avoid unnecessary tension and the fear of misplacement.

12. Make it a habit to inspect the stone settings in jewels at your trusted shop, at least once a year.

13. When there is an accidental contact of mercury with any jewel, take the affected jewels to the near by gold smith. There is a high chance to revive back the originality of the jewels.

14. Last but not the least; a smiling face is the most costly possession of a woman.

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