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The E-Magazines ‘Online Voice’ started in 2003 and ‘Sing-Ind’ started in 2020 are now merged into as ‘Sing-Ind Voice’.

Special Thanks to all the readers who have made it possible. Now I reckon how an e-magazine can make your life full of chance encounters! Over these years, my experience has grown manifold. It has not only made me a writer, but also a columnist, an editor, an author, an academician and a curriculum developer!!! What more can one expect for?

I would not be doing any justice to my writing career, unless I discuss the wonderful success path it has been taking me through.

In 2001 October, as a fresh diploma holder in a writing course and with a three year old son to take care of, I was wondering how and where to break the ice!<br><br>

All I had at that time was ‘aspirations’.

With the explosive growth of the Internet, Web Page Designing gave me a red carpet welcome to explore my writing and that provided the green signal for me to start an online magazine.

The red carpet welcome started, when I took classes at STEC in Web Page Designing and when my friend Shivakami suggested that I start my own E- Magazine.

I must admit that I was naïve then about the direction, but never nervous!!!

So, for fun and as a hobby, I decided to start a magazine ‘Chettinad International’. At that time, it was only a collection of a few articles. I never thought it would metamorphose into an international magazine featuring world leader’s interviews and articles on various subjects.

The magazine in no time started to bloom with interviews of politicians, journalists, scholars, health articles from renowned doctors, and new recipes targeting all age group.

The well known Journalist, ‘Maalan Narayanan’ my all time favourite writer, suggested that I start a magazine with a professional look, to reach more readers.

Thanks to his advice in 2003, I engaged a professional designer to design the site and I focused on the writing. It was then the magazine was formalized. It was decided that it would be a magazine for Indian expatriates of all age groups, which will be published once in three months. The name got changed to ‘Online Voice’. The first issue of the ‘Online Voice’ was very well received by the readers as it already had the interviews of Mr P. Chidambaram, the Home Minister, Dr Kalaingar Karunanidhi, the ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr Chandhrababu Naidu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

This is the genesis of the ‘Online Voice e-magazine.

To quickly summarize the other opportunities that this magazine has got me is that it laid a platform to do my Masters in Communication Management from South Australian University; I was in the EXCO of STWA (Singapore Tamil Writer’s Assocaiation) from 2003 to 2009; Global Organisation for the people of Indian origin; I was invited by many organisers to cover their events in the magazine. I was a Part-Time tutor with the New Media and Communications program at the National University of Singapore.

I am also now an author of eight books.

In my view, If being a writer is hard, being a freelance writer is even harder. Getting your work published in main stream Magazines and News Papers will make you get on your nerves. But in my case, the magazine served as a good platform and Tamil Murasu, Singai Chudar, Kumudam Theeranadhi and other publications have all been very kind to me in featuring my interviews and articles.

In addition to this e-magazine, in 2020, ‘The Sing-Ind’ a monthly e-magazine, was published, focusing on the Singapore Indian Organisations. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, with limited events, the e-magazine was published intermittently.

This magazine is circulated for free. Any articles pertaining to India and its progenies are welcome.

I seek your continued support and feedback to the magazine. Once again THANK YOU readers and others for making me into what I am today!