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1. Please introduce yourself to our readers

I am Dr. B. Ramanathan, Founder and Managing Director of ACE International Pte Ltd, Singapore. I am a Ph.D. holder in Biomedical Science having more than 23 years of experiences in Research & Development, Learning & Development and Business & Development by working in India, Taiwan and Singapore. My research experiences engaged in biomedical science and clinical research areas in renowned institutions as well as healthcare and training industries. I have published several research articles, book chapters and also provided keynote address in conferences and seminars. I have also received several awards and rewards for my achievements and contributions. Recently I have been appointed as Adjunct Professor, School of Business, VIT Chennai Campus, Tamilnadu, India to teach, guide and train the students, faculties and startup groups as well.

2. What is the nature of your business?

ACE International Pte Ltd, Singapore is a five year old company mainly concentrating our services and supports on business management consulting services in general and research experimentation design and innovative product development. We are currently focusing to formulate “Institute and Industry Partnerships” through ACE International Pte Ltd, Singapore to facilitate and accelerate our performance values.
We are “Company Founding Experts” and have helped hundreds of people to grow their businesses through our professional business consultation services focused for best customer centric values. We are committed to help businesses of all sizes in their efforts to expand locally, regionally and globally. Also, by providing suitable offline and online business product solutions and service supports, they are able to attain their maximum potential.
Business Collaborations, Joint Ventures, Merger & Acquisition and Shareholding Partnership Agreements
Business Compliances, Regulations, Auditing, Licensing, Publications, Training, Coaching and Mentoring Supports
Strategy Formulations, Project Management, Professional Expertise and Manpower Supports
Digital Transformational Solutions, Innovative Research, Product Development, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Supports
Procurement of Business Funding: Government Grants, Banking Finance, Crowd Funding, Business Investment, Project and Trading Finance

3. What are the innovations that you have brought into your business?

We are very keen in updating, upgrading and upscaling businesses into next level with good competent capacities to withstand well among the competitions. In order to meet out these criteria we used to adopt “Business Excellence” transformational portfolio and frameworks to endorse the necessary activities and performances for the organization.
Further as an “Innovation Strategy Consulting Company” gives a competitive edge by positioning us to attain long term success, through innovations which aligns with a business vision in a purposeful and efficient manner.
Experimenting with different sales and marketing channels in our organization to reach new customers or create different business models through digital technology products and service platforms.
Creating and establishing an innovation culture among the team members can be a difficult task for companies like us to accept and adopt. We are making it simple and easy to acquire for the transformation.
We used the innovative solutions and products under these categories to support for our business organization to be successful
Sales and marketing consulting
Project management consulting
Business and enterprise reporting
Business and organizational forecasting
IT and digital transformational consulting and solutions
Accounting and financial consulting
Business strategic planning and operation supports and services

4. What are the challenges that you face in your business?

There are lots of challenges in our businesses but we focus on solutions to turn them into opportunities. We believe strong collaborative partnerships for B2B and best customer relationships for B2C sectors. Currently we are focusing these challenges…
Rising Costs & Reduced Revenue. Rising costs and reduced revenue are one of the biggest challenges we are facing now.
Skill & Talent Shortages
Managing Expansion
Attracting New Customers
Coping with Market Competition
Securing & Managing Funds

5. How do you overcome those?

We are formulating and establishing collaborative and joint venturing partnerships to strengthen our business activities. Also we are engaging B2B partnerships to explore better opportunities.
We try to sponsor programs and engaging more networking activities to connect better with business communities in Singapore and other countries through several joint venturing activities and operational plans like
Recruitment, Retention of Employees, and Labor Quality
Changing Operations in Response to the Market Conditions
Managing Lack of Capital/Cash Flow
Administration and Accounting
Time Management Strategies
Marketing and Advertising
Managing and Providing Benefits
Solving other Small Business Problems

6. Can you please tell about your contribution to Tamil and society?

We are supporting and contributing well to Tamil Language and Tamil Society through engaging more activities like talk sessions, workshops, conferences and seminars both physically and virtually. Moreover I am volunteering my service and contribution as ‘Secretary’ in ‘Tamil Pattimandra Kalai Kazhagam’, Singapore ( for the past three years and as Life Member for more than ten years of period. Under ACE International Pte Ltd, I have created a community on Facebook and YouTube channel as “Thamizhodu Thamizharaaga” to emphasize and envisage the concept of Tamil Learning, Teaching and Explorations among Tamil speaking communities all around the world. In this regard we have signed one MoU with Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India to collaborate and work together. We have also collaborated with many Tamil Societies and Organizations, TV and Media Channels to promote more programs, sessions, conferences and seminars. I have provided keynote addresses, special talks, debate speeches and published Tamil articles on different topics like business, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, wellness and lifestyle. I am passionate in establishing a vibrant global Tamil speaking community forum in near future through which we can explore our cultural and traditional values to admire and adopt by current and future generations.
Currently I am the President, Guild of International Speakers and Trainers a society in Singapore to support public speaking and professional training for the people in our society. We conducted many sessions and awarding ceremonies to support the people in our community. We are looking for more opportunities to join hands with likeminded organizations and enterprises to accelerate our services and supports very well.
I am also making volunteering contributions as advisory board member and life member for several social enterprises and charities around the world.

7. What are your other interests?

I am passionate to be socializing and networking. I believe the formation of different communities will solve many issues which are currently available in our society. Hence I work on these aspects to establish communities or collaborate with different communities to work together for the sake of social benefits and contributions. As a speaker and mentor I wish to train and coach many people who are willing to be trained and coached well.
I have interest in public speaking, providing keynote speeches in conferences and seminars, writing articles and sharing social media posts, creating videos to broadcast in YouTube channels, Volunteering to support social enterprises and organizations.
I am very keen to attend conferences, exhibitions and trade shows to update and upgrade my knowledge as well as establishing good relationships with new people through networking for both business and personal purposes.
I have hobbies like reading books, eating, traveling, shopping, watching TV, web browsing, social media networking, finding new friends, following forum activities, attending community and social events.

8. What are your future plans?

I am a resourceful professional and entrepreneur with experience in business management, learning development, biomedical research, and regulatory compliance. Through institute industry partnership exploration I believe to bring new dimension of learning strategies where the students are becoming more empowered and competent to finish the tasks successfully and also they will emerge as strong workforces in future for the benefit of the country.
I possess big vision, leadership and persistence to successfully penetrate into new projects and research areas, including cancer research, stem cell applications, vaccine trials and preclinical research. Recognized for my ability to build, guide, and sustain successful staff team and business collaborations in this regard.
I am also passionate about continuous learning and time-driven with proven accomplishments in goal-oriented projects and business management sectors. I have excellent presentation, negotiation, closing and following-through skills, with a strong ability to build a corporate presence.

9. Your advice to those aspiring to be a successful business person?

Be a good personality with a better focus on humanity. Learning from failures and mistakes are good strategies needed to be adopted for successful life journey. Also find below statements to be useful for you….
Getting started as a good entrepreneur is daring decision please take care and preplanned well for it
Being a humble personality with lifelong learning attitude. When you are first starting out, it can be tempting to pretend you know everything
Keeping things simple and easy rather than creating them more complex and difficult that make you unsuccessful
Planning out for every day actions and performances which will sustain to achieve your goals nicely
Getting a suitable Mentor who can guide and coach you better when right decisions to take and also advise you to overcome challenges
Growing your Network since Network is Net-worth
Seizing Opportunities when coming across your pathways
Accepting Feedbacks and Comments which will eradicate your weaknesses and mistakes as well as enable you to become stronger

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