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So what does Style Etiquette offer in services?

As an Image Consultant, their clients are as follows

– Women, Men, Children

– Corporates, SMEs, Schools, Tertiary, MNCs

– Celebrities, Media personalities, models, public speakers etc

– Pageantry

They Offer you quality advice on appropriate styles, trends and suitable colors and coach you on how to get dressed for each occasion depending on the image you want to portray.

They also give professional advice on how your image can set you apart from the competition and how you can project an image that is consistent with your career goals. The way you look, the way you see yourself and the way others see you is crucial for professional growth from your initial interview to ongoing promotions.

They do recommend effective ways by which you can sustain and strengthen your corporate branding, project an image that is appropriate, consistent and reflects your company’s values

Apart from this they deal with many more… they work towards giving you a customised inside out programme to make you feel and see the transformation in yourself.

“We Create, Define & Redefine” is their sloga.

The other Services offered


-Social Etiquetted

-Parent/Child Flavor

– Speech/Drama/ Stage Development

Every child should get an opportunity to Learn & Shine in their own unique Way”

Raising your child to be a strong, confident individual can be quite a task. As a parent, you need to ensure that your child gets a positive environment, one that can help in learning and understanding the world around.

It may not be wrong to say that a majority of physical and mental developments happen during the early stages of childhood, which is why, it is important that you start indulge in your child personality development at an early age.

Style Etiquette Pte Ltd believes in  holistic personality development of children and youth. The workshops foster positive energy and self-confidence; develops inner resilience and independence in the face of change; increases efficiency and effectiveness in completing tasks both at home and at school and, last but not the least, awakens the leader within.

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.

– Chinese Proverb

“Where Children get to unleash their inner creativity and learn etiquette in best way possible”

They are having children workshops in September and October.  For more details please get in touch with the trainer Ms Vanitha at HP: 81613496.




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