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Beauty Tips – January 1st, 2010

Meena Muthaiah
Blk 705, # 07 – 24,
Woodlands Dr 40,
singapore 730705
Ph : 63675914
Hp : 97381429
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Meena Muthaiah, a beautician from Singapore gives easy facial tips. She considers facial as an important, as it regularises the blood flow, and the face radiants and it enhances one’s beauty. It further prevents skins shrink and can make one look young.

Who will not want to try, if it can help to alleviate stress too? If you want to experience all the above without paying exorbitant price, then the best way is to do it at home. This issue is what it deals with.

Skin texture can be categorized into oil, normal and dry. To maximize the result, facial has to be done according to the skin texture.

This facial is suitable for the normal skin.

The ingredients for the facial pack

Besan flour -50 grams Kadukkai -50 grams Rose Petals – 50 grams Poppy seeds -50 grams Almonds – 50 grams Lotus Leaves -50 grams Rice 50 grams Sandal 150 grams Jadhi kai 50 grams Saffron 50 grams Neam leaves 50 grams Black thulasi leaves 50 grams Cucumber seeds 50 grams Kichizhi Khizhangu 50 grams

Note: In Singapore, this pack is available in Jothi Stores and in the herbal stores in Chennai.


Dry the above ingredients in the sun and make it into powder. Apply the cleansing milk onto your face that is available in the stores. After ten minutes, wash your face. Now steam your face in the boiling water in a vessel covering with a blanket for five minutes. It removes the dirt in the skin. Massage your face using the massage cream that is available in the stores. Apply more pressure while massaging. As it could be difficult self-massaging, may be one can limit the massaging to a maximum of fifteen minutes. After washing the face, using the brush, apply the facial pack mixing with rose water. Wash away your face after fifteen minutes.

Do this process once in a month with out fail.

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