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Ancient India was not only rich in its’s culture, tradition, history, but also in its creation  of rich art and architecture.  Such one is the art of sculpting.  Ir’s history can be traced to since some 2,200 years back.  The statues of Hindu, Buddhist, Jainism have been sculpted out of stone, wood, bronze and other materials.  In the ancient times, these statues were not considered artistic and hence it was not kept in houses as a showpiece.  They were considered holy.  Later when different rulers took control of India,  each one’s perception changed towards this concept of the sculpted statues.

These statues were then started to look as an artistic piece and were subjected to business.  As a result, many beautiful, rare and artistic statues were seized by the foreign rulers and were taken to their respective countries.

India Pride Project, a volunteer group spread across the globe is now into a meaningful mission, that aims to bring back to India, the stolen statues.    They also build awareness about the issue, so citizens and officials understand why this is crucial to India from a geo-political perspective.

When they ran a social-media campaign ‘Bring our Gods home’ it was very well received among the public and many were supportive of this cause.  Through India Pride Project’s various efforts, some stolen  Gods/Statues have been brought back to India.  Still there are many Gods/Statues lie in the foreign land.  Pride India Project says, ‘ our battle is not complete until each and every God/statues come back to India’.

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