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Travel Tips – April 1st, 2008

Choose your holiday : whether Sight seeing/Romantic/Exotic/Exploring/Driving/Cruise/ Sporty/Group Holiday/ With friends/ Alone/Beach/ Camping/Mountaineering

Mr. Perichiappan


Travel, Stay, Food, Sight Seeing, Shopping and others (Work out the cost per person).

If you book in advance you may get discount,so try to avoid last minute booking.

Travel to a country that has currency rate lower to your country. So that everything will work out cheaper.

Try to take a package holiday,travel with friends or family rather than on your own.

Book the cheapest hotel for stay.

Carry less baggage.

Avoid taxis and travel by bus/train.

Carry your passport, other travel documents and your money separately in different pouches.

Never travel without mosquito repellents and other essential medicines.

It is a good idea to carry locks for your bags and suitcases.

Try to keep your clothes flat and avoid carrying too many fragile goods that will be left at the mercy of careless luggage handlers.

Label your entire luggage and even try to carry an extra set of labels with you.

It’s not a good idea to travel with too much cash.

Travellers’ cheques are the best.

Don’t use new shoes, however comfortable they may seem to be.

Try not to store liquids in a bottle in any of your hand bags.

Ensure that your luggage is waterproof.

Confirm, reconfirm, confirm once again. (Your plane tickets)

If travelling in the monsoon, carry a raincoat and umbrella.

Make a list of all your personal medicines that you are carrying with you.

Carry the list with you wherever you go.

Carry your own water bottle. This should be within arm’s length at all times. It’ll save you the problem of drinking unsafe water whenever you are thirsty.

Many women travellers prefer to carry a high pitched whistle that would scare away stalkers.

Women who are travelling alone should not admit they are travelling alone. When asking for directions, ask shopkeepers, not pedestrians.

Things not to be forgotten while in travel:


International driver’s license (if you intend driving around)

Medications (pack syringes and blood-type card as well)

Photographs of yourself (for permits, licenses etc.)


High factor sun screen and lip balmTorch

Mediaction to take abroad

Sun tan lotion

Antiseptic Cream

Band Aid/ Bandages

Antacid mild Laxative

Anti diarrhoe tablets

Aspirin or paracetamol

Try to take adequate medical insurance

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