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Sujatha 1 – April 1st, 2006

Sujatha, a veteran writer about seventy years is entrenched with skills of different facets including story writing, screen play writing, viewpoint articles etc…… His refreshing ideas and unique way of writing appeals to both young and old. This makes it possible for him to reach people belonging to various demographics and psychogrphics.

1. How did an ordinary man spring as a promising writer Sujatha?

In my case, I guess, my background played an important role in me becoming a writer. Maybe some kind of loneliness, being away from parents, some kind of interest in Tamil, my Sreerangam background… all these could have been the contributing factors. So you can not really say, this day is when, I became a writer. I guess one evolves spontaneously as a writer.

2. What do you think are the factors in your development into a writer?

I would say my interest in Tamil has been the major factor. My brother was very good in Tamil poetry, which influenced my interest too. I had very good Tamil teachers in school and college. One significant factor was that, during my University, there was a non-detail short story collection from the British writers, which provoked my interest in writing. I had an excellent teacher who sort of created an interest in the craft of writing stories. I would consider these as mojor contributing factors.

3. Is it that you started your writing career only after your tertiary graduation?

Yes. After only I got my job, I really began/developed as a serious writer.

4. At what age did you first publish your work?

At the age of twenty seven, my first piece was published in Kumudam magazine. It was a short story.

5. What is your schedule for an ordinary day?

It depends on the day. If it is a holiday, I wake up late…one thing is that I always read late at night.I have two offices So I spend two hours a day in each office. If the deadlines for the articles are fast approaching, then I concentrate and finish my columns accordingly. It is quiet flexible.

6. When you say you read a lot, has there been a shift in your reading?

Now a days, I read a lot in the online. There is a shift in the type of my readings. I don’t read much of fictions these days.

7. There is a spontaneous flow in your writing that is distinct from the other writers? How is it possible?

I think the main reason for that is, I read a lot both in Tamil and English. When you read, you feel like writing like that. My classical readings also do shape my writing. There are so many good writers, who possess an unique style of writing. I guess vocabulary is also important for good writing. I have exposure to both ancient and modern literature. Thus, I am able to simplify and explain even the Sangam age literature.

8. Can you give a single potent message to the upcoming writers?

My single message would be, Key to good writing is good reading.

9. Who is a successful person in your view?

The one who is true to himself is a successful person in my view. One should be kind in their verbal discourse. Why use hard and bitter words and hurt others, when there are so many simple and good words around? So, one should be careful in not hurting others.

10. What is your advice to the aspiring writers?

One has to be honest and truthful to themselves. Most important quality for a writer is that, he should look at things beyond his liking and disliking. I would advice them to read a lot. Any kind of reading be it is, will give them a message and it can reflect in their writing in one way or another.

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