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Pop Shalini – October 1st, 2007

Pop Shalini, a name with fame, is one of the Cinderella’s of today’s music field. Her enchanting melody is what people know her for, but one might get to know her as a writer too, as she says, that she has plans to write a book in the future. In a mild interview, the smart and sweet looking Shalini talks like a air in the breeze.

How were you nick named as ‘Pop Shalini’?

When I first released my pop music album, I was featured in a number of magazines and also got many offers to sing. At that time, actress Shalini was still in the Cine Field. In order to differentiate between me and her, I was referred to as ‘Pop Shalini’. Till to-day, I am being addressed only as ‘Pop Shalini’.

Can you tell us about your family?

I am the only child to my parents and was privileged to have had both my parent’s attention wholly on me. I studied in Holy Angels convent, Chennai. Since I was five, I have been exposed to western music as I took classes in ‘Alpha to Omega’.  Though my parents are interested in music, I am the first generation singer from the family. I am married and my husband works as a General Manager for a Sweden based company.

Who initiated you to join the music class?

It was my mother, who took all the efforts to craft me into a singer. She would take me to classes, get feedback from the teachers, she will make me practice and also encourages me to perform. So, it was my mother, who took all the initiation.

Are you exposed to any other kind of music?

Yes. I also learnt Hindustani music for eight years and karnatic music for a year.

How and when did you release your first album?

When I was eleven years old, there was a singing competition in tribute to R.D.Burman. The rule was to minus one the 1942 Love story songs and to record an album. I wanted to participate and with much interest, we had recorded an album. But unfortunately we could not send the album to Mumbai, then Bombay, as the due date was over. I was so dejected, as I was looking forward to taking part in the competition. It really made me feel sad.

Then what happened?

But my destiny had planned the other way. ‘Magna Sound’s’ Mr. Madhav das had heared that music album. He was very much impressed by my voice and that happened to be the turning point in my singing career. He came forward to release an album, and thus my first pop album was released.

How much does music mean to you?

My level of interest in music is so high that I never get tired of singing. All I know is music and songs, and it has become a part of my life.

What kinds of songs, do you enjoy the most?

Actually I prefer to sing melodies. When on stage, I prefer to sing fast music as it reaches the audience easily as it is more entertaining.

Which song do you think gave you a break in the cine field?

‘Vai rajah vai’ song for the movie ‘Panchathathiram’ (in the year 2000) gave me a good break. I was then, recognized for my musical talent.

In how many languages, have you sung?

I have sung in bhojpuri, telugu, hindhi, Malayalam, kannada, gujarati, Punjabi, Sinhalese, mythili (language spoken in Nepal border).

Who are your role models in the music field?

Asha bhosle and Latha Mangeshkar are my role models in the music field. They themselves are an institution, from where one can learn a lot. They feel the song and sing and have clarity. They are versatile queens.

Do you take any precautions to preserve your voice?

Not really. I keep practicing everyday, and that helps to maintain my voice. I do not take any cold items. Nor I get tempted to eat cold items.

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