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Mr. Karti Chidambaram – October 1st, 2008

Mr. Karti Chidambaram, a member of All India Congress Committee’s short and sweet interview.

1. Can you tell us about your formative years, like where did you grow,where did you do your schoolings and University?

I was born in Madras and did all my schoolings in Don Bosco, Egmore. I did my undergrad at the University of Texas, Austin and after that I got my Law degree from Cambridge University, England.
2. You went to USA at a very young age. How did you cope up with the cultural change?

Yes culturally the US was different but I coped up very well, because I stayed in the hostel and had a very good set of friends.

3. Politics in India is a bumpy road. Are you still keen being in politics?

I am completely committed to a career in public life.

4. You are quite often spotted in public functions, in your father’s constituency, Sivaganga. Do you have any special plans to develop the Constituency?

We have been doing a tremendous of developmental activities in Sivaganga.

5. I have come across rows of your cut-outs and posters in Sivaganga District. What does it signify?

It means that I am part of the political circus.

6. General public in common is cynical about politicians in India? Why is it so?

The cynicism is because our delivery of our promises is low.

7. Do you think to-day’s politician can be genuine to his role?

Yes. It is up to the individual to live up to his conscience.

8. Who is your role model in life?

In Public life, Lee Kuan Yew, Bill Clinton

9. What is your piece of advice to the youngsters?

Don’t accept the status quo.

10. Would you like to convey any special message to Singapore reader’s?

I envy your country.

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