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WHAT IS G100 – 

Ms. Meenakshi Dabral

G100 is an empowered club of 100 global women leaders from across the globe leading 100 areas of expertise with global vision and inclusive outreach in another 100 countries. Comprising a league of luminaries of eminence and excellence including Nobel Laureates, Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Corporate and Community Leaders – G100 is a powerful Group of women who wish to give back and move us all forward as architects of the future. G100 is also supported by The Denim Club : Group of G100 He-for-She Champions globally in support of gender equality across the 100 domains. G100 has pioneered the ELLEGOSSSE framework, as an acronym encapsulating common themes globally as levers of gender equality and empowerment, viz. Education, Legislation, Leadership, Empowerment, Governance, Ownership, Security, Sustainability, Solidarity, Equality. Each of these 10 principles further have 10 recommendations, thus 100 recommendations overall, which are being presented from the G100 to G20 leaders, as also to governments worldwide, including inter-governmental entities and multilateral fora such as across the UN, EU, AU, G7, ASEAN, SAARC, QUAD, as also Universities, Foundations, Corporates, Institutions, Think Tanks, Civil Society, Networks, NGO, International Organisations, et al. 

Some G100 Global Chairs and Denim Partners include:

Some of the notable G100 Global Chairs who are the strong pillars of the mission are

H.E. Ouided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Laureate 2015, Tunisia (Global Chair – World Peace) , H.E. Dr. Maya Morsy, President, National Council of Women, Egypt (Global Chair – Economic Empowerment), H.E. Dr. Rosalía Arteaga, Former Constitutional President of Ecuador (Global Chair – Political Leadership), H.E. Segolene Royal
President Cop21, former Minister of Environment, Energy and Sea, President of DA Planet Foundation for solar energy and women in Africa, finalist of Presidential election, France (Global Chair – Renewable & Solar Energy), H.E. Violeta Bulc, former Deputy Prime Minister Of Slovenia and EU Commissioner (Global Chair – Ecocivilisation),
H.E. Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, Vice President, Republic of Liberia President, Liberia Senate (Global Chair – Public Administration), Bodil Valero
Former Member of the European Parliament
Politician & Member of The Green Party Sweden (Global Chair – Security & Defence),
Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson, Aditya Birla Education Trust from India (Global Chair – Mental Health),
H.E. Dr. May Chidiac
Former Minister, and President, May Chidiac Foundation & Media Institute, Former Veteran journalist and winner of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize, Lebanon.
(Global Chair – Journalism & Ethical Governance), Marguerite Soeteman Reijnen
Chairman of the Executive Board of Aon Holdings, Netherlands (Global Chair – Corporate Governance),
H.E Chantal Yelu Mulop, Special Advisor to the President of Congo for Youth and Combating Violence Against Women, DRCongo (Global Chair – Human Rights)

The G100 is holding 100 global meetings and consultations with decision makers and influential stakeholders – in multilateral institutions such as the  UN, IOs, G7, G20, EU, AU, GCC,  Commonwealth, as well as Governments, Corporates, Business Leaders, Ministers, Foundations, Universities and Civil Society.

Since September 2021, G100 missions have taken place in Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and UAE with policy makers, multilateral and intergovernmental organizations, and with civil society: starting with G100 – UN meetings in Geneva, followed by G100 – EU meetings in The Hague and Brussels, and then G100 – UN meetings in New York. G100-UAE meetings were held in Dubai in January 2022. These were followed by London meetings at the House of Lords. In May, we held meetings in Spain, Romania, Malta, Portugal and Sweden.

In August, G100 meetings were held in the South East Asian Region. 

In Singapore meetings were organized from 27th August until 30th August 2022. 


The unique experience of Singapore and it’s leadership shows and shares a beautiful path of making a difference with inclusion, influence and impact: of how we can change entrenched mindsets and passé patriarchal norms, with acknowledgment of their limitations and without denial of barriers women face across societal strata and life-stages. 

It was most inspiring to meet policymakers and changemakers and learning  about the  recent White Paper in Singapore for Women’s Development launched by the Singapore government in 2020 after year-long nationwide consultations on pressing issues and way forward, and a year of Celebrating Women in 2021. 

With a clear intent to review and mitigate barriers women face, reflecting women’s aspirations and voices, and centered around shared values of equality, fairness, respect, partnership and solidarity, the White Paper articulates a set of 25 collective actions as a whole-of-society effort, to take the next leap into a fairer and equitable world for women. 

Community efforts include improving male allyship and mentoring for women especially in STEM, and ensuring financial stability and independence for women, the lack of which hits harshly especially for women going through divorce as well as in cases of domestic abuse. 

Other areas where community and government  are working together include addressing hidden poverty, gender security online, social security and mental health concerns.  

Highlighting an important aspect of She-for-She sisterhood and solidarity, our inspiring sister Georgette Tan shared significantly on how women leaders also need to make room for more women to take the lead and support them by clearing the way and stepping out of the way. A takeaway being, don’t just be seen, help others be seen as well. 

 Healing the hurt and fractured spirit of women is also equally important as we cannot step up to new possibilities and open up new horizons on Unhealed trauma that we have faced individually and collectively – the uneasiness around the word “feminist” being a case in point where the angst and anger of oppression and repression co-existed with the drive for change. Liberating activism or feminism from rupture, resentment, sorrow, blame and victimhood would be essential in order to cease the cycle of pain; else it may also create pushbacks in women’s advancement (such as conservative voices in South Korea to abolish the ministry of gender). 

 This takeaway was developed on the important inputs made by Hon’ble MP Carrie Tan who advocates for change by clearing the consciousness and healing the way: the foremost way being the inner ways in which we think, feel and act.

 We also discussed the need to promote women on boards and procurement from women-owned businesses. A date point was brought up that currently, out of the $11 trillion spent on public procurement, less than 1% is given to women-owned businesses. This needs radical change.  On a good note, among CEOs in Singapore, 13.5% are women – the highest in the world. While still further from parity, it’s a great milestone to celebrate.


Meenakshi Dabral, G100 Global Chair, Alliances & Alumni  

Participating Delegates  

G100 Secretariat Global Team

  1. Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder & President, G100
  2. Vinay Rai – Founder & President, G100 Denim

 G100 Global Chair 

  1. Meenakshi Dabral, G100 Global Chair, Alliances &

 Along with G100 Country Chairs

from India & Singapore 


27th August, 3pm – 5pm, Sheraton Hotel 

G100 Meet and Greet 

Guests of Honor: 

Carrie Tan, Hon’ble Member of

Parliament , Singapore

Georgette Tan, President, United

Women Singapore

Along with 

Dr. Deepika Saini, Managing

Director , Soluzione Credit Company

Aneesha Reihana, CEO, Queenbee

Deepali Chaturvedi, Founder and

Managing partner, Partners Consulting

Dr. Rishika Dey, Public Health

 29 August 

8am, Sheraton 

Kajol Tandon

Master in Public Policy Candidate at National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore

11am, Tanglin Club 

K.V. Rao, Resident Director, ASEAN Region, Tata Sons 

6pm, Sheraton 

Purnima Kamath

Founder & CEO, De Ideaz Pte Ltd 

Leading event management company  

30 August  

8:30 am, Sheraton 

Dr. Supriti Bezbaruah

Gender Consultant and Author, ‘Banking on Equality: Women, Work and Employment in the Banking Sector in India’, published by Routledge  2015, Research Fellow with the International Longevity Centre Singapore. Previously at UNDP India, IDS UK, and ISEAS Singapore.

10am, Mandala Club

Mrinalini Venkatachalam – Regional Director, South East Asia and Oceania at WEConnect International, Board Member, WISE  

Lin Shu Fen

Founder and Start-up Mentor 

Top 100 Women in Tech 2020, Singapore 

 2 pm – 4 pm, United Women Office

Georgette Tan Adamopoulos, President at United Women Singapore

Simran Toor, CEO SG HER Empowerment 

About The Founder –

Dr. Harbeen is the Founder of five free platforms viz. G100, ALL, WEF, SHEconomy and WICCI, ensuring women’s advancement in all walks of life with an integrated vision and inclusive values. With a powerful network of 500,000 women across 150 countries, and growing toward Mission Million 2023, these empowering ecosystems and sister platforms are among the largest global communities of women worldwide. 

In order of their creation since 2011, ALL Ladies League (ALL) is a global sisterhood movement in She-for-She spirit uniting women as “sisters beyond borders”; Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a conference platform for women’s greater visibility, voice, recognition and networking for pursuing “business beyond borders”; WICCI is the industry and business chamber for advocating “policies beyond borders”; SHEconomy is an e-commerce platform and app for both goods and services by women entrepreneurs for strengthening “commerce beyond borders”; and G100 is a global platform for joint action empowering “gender equality beyond borders.”

Membership is completely free and open by invitation. If you are interested please share your biography with us at ,

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