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EECP 2 – October 1st, 2007

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP)
Creats Bypass naturally

Courtesy: Neomed hospital
2181, L-Block, 12th main road,
Anna Nagar, Chennai-600 040.

What is Collateral Circulation?

Formation of network if tiny blood vessels, which make it possible for blood to detour around blocked or narrow arteries, is called collateral circulation. However the development of collateral circulation is a gradual process and not everyone has the same ability to develop these networks at the rate that will relieve angina. EECP treatment triggers and accelerates this collateral circulation and makes it permanent.

How do I personally know treatment has helped me?

Patient can walk more distance without chest pain.
Patient would have fewer or no angina
Episodes of angina would be less painful
Patient need for anti-anginal medications can be reduced.
Patient can return to work and participate in their active life style once again
Patient would be more energetic and confidence.

What happens if I miss a treatment?

You are encouraged to come for your EECP treatment everyday. However, missing a day will not have a negative effect on your overall results. When you come back, you will simply pick up where you left off, and the missed treatment will be added to the end of your program until you have a total of 35 sessions. Just like exercise, the more consistent you are with your EECP schedule, the better your results will be.

What does EECP feel like?

EECP feels like a deep muscle message to your legs. During the treatment, you do not feel anything in the chest or heart. You only feel the cuffs that are wrapped around your legs squeezing in time to your own heartbeat. Our patients have affectionately described this sensation as “gentle hugs.” Most of our patients relax, listen to music, or read during their treatments. Some even sleep!.

Do the benefits of EECP last?

Yes. In patients followed for three to five years after treatment, the benefits of EECP, including fewer anginas, less nitro-glycerine usage, and improved blood flow patterns documented on stress tests, had lasted.

How does EECP compare to compare to angioplasty or bypass surgery?

The five –year outcomes for EECP patients are virtually the same as for angioplasty and bypass surgery patients.

How successful is EECP treatment?

Up to 90% patients improve. Most feel better in 15 to 20 hours treatment. EECP benefits last 3 to 7 years or more. EECP is so successful; that in USA insurance reimbursement for EECP has gone up by 6% whereas those for other procedure like angioplasty bypass surgery etc. has decreased by 7%.

Is EECP a recognized treatment?

EECP is internationally recognized by FDA (USA). CE Mark (Europe) etc. EECP is mentioned in medical textbooks. Many articles have been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, cardiovascular Reviews Reports, Cardiology, Mayo Clinical Proc., Clinical Cardiology, Journal of External Counter Pulsation, etc.

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